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Monday, September 25, 2006

Boot fairs - and a happy ending

In and around London, up and down the country, for many years the boot fair has featured large. Flea market? no - nothing that interesting. But come rain come shine, people turn up to sell and buy - - - stuff.

And here is one such ... stuff. Doesn't the poor soul look apprehensive? What is going to happen to me? Have you ever seen such a worried hippo? The end of the story is here.

What are the flea markets called in your part of the world?

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Comments on "Boot fairs - and a happy ending"


Blogger Michael said ... (23:45) : 

"Please don't sell me, please don't sell me" is all I can see on his face.


Blogger Suzanne said ... (01:34) : 

Thank god someone picked up that Hippo! I hope they straightened out his pyjama leg. I think that must have been what was worrying him so.


Blogger Jing said ... (13:13) : 

poor hippo~~
it really looks like a little bit poor...
hmm...actually i like the flea markets...we in chinese call it "tiao zao shi chang", it has the same meaning as "flea market".


Blogger Jazzy said ... (14:00) : 

nice post, poor hippo =)

in bosnian flea market is called 'buvljak'


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:46) : 

Mr Hippo looks much happier now hes having a nice cuddle and being taken away to a nice warm home :)


Blogger jo said ... (18:41) : 

I want one - and 50p - so cheap. That price would keep even my mum - the hardened car booter happy!!



Anonymous keith said ... (00:10) : 

That poor hippo looks petrified. A great picture!


Blogger Tomate Farcie said ... (00:55) : 

I totally agree with you, that poor thing looks like an abandonned dog at the pound! I'm glad he found a new home, and I do, too, find the second picture much more reassuring. Maybe its new owner will buy him new clothes, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:14) : 

flea market is commonly known as PASAR MALAM ( Night Market)

Nowadays can be for day flea markets too!



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