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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Daily Express Building

I took the opportunity of this last weekend's "Open House" to visit one of the most significant Art Deco sites in London, the old Daily Express building at 120 Fleet Street. Other bloggers went elsewhere, but for me, the lure of being able to see inside outweighed all else.

Are you wondering what you are looking at? It's the view of the staircase, not often photographed because of the delights in the hallway. I like it, though.

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Comments on "The Daily Express Building"


Blogger Curly said ... (01:11) : 

Top quality Ham! Very unusual.

Curly's Photoshop


Blogger Kate said ... (04:53) : 

Incredibly interesting. Love the shades of gray. Lovely!!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (08:02) : 

Amazing shot. It's like something from a Busby Berkley film.


Anonymous kris said ... (08:43) : 

feels hipmotized (spelling?)..Love it!


Anonymous NiC said ... (09:40) : 

Excellent shot!


Blogger Jenny said ... (14:02) : 

That is a wonderful photo, Ham - mesmerizing! I'd never be able to guess what it was - there is nothing to tip you off about scale - it could be 5 inches high or 500 feet!


Blogger Carlos said ... (17:17) : 

Wonderful opportunity you had. I just love this capture. Fantastic.


Blogger ems said ... (21:07) : 

We enjoyed a discussion about this in the exclusion room at lunchtime. I was on duty and asked the boys what they thought it was. They were amazed to learn the answer.



Blogger Irredento Urbanita said ... (22:42) : 

When I saw that photo, I was lost, I didn't kçknow what was up and was down. Good perspective.

Greetings from Perú


Anonymous kat said ... (01:31) : 

I guessed what it was but it was just a lucky guess. On my recent sightseeing vacation in England I took a lot of photos looking up and down stairways.


Anonymous kat said ... (01:39) : 

Whoops, I forgot to mention how much I like the picture. Has a very 'light at the end of the tunnel' feeling.


Blogger Grand Master Flashbulb said ... (04:03) : 

Looks like the Guggenheim, NYC.


Blogger Sadia said ... (06:11) : 

wow, so graphic. i love it.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:01) : 

Thanks, all. Youwould have all laughed if you had seen me taking it. Quite a few people did, and then they looked up.

Gail's man - yes, that was what I saw. You can't get away from the feeling that the whole foyer is a sound stage.

ems - sounds fun ;-)


Blogger John Nez said ... (23:14) : 

Amazing photo... great building.

Move over Frank Lloyd Wright. I wonder if he got his idea for the Guggenheim standing right where you too that photo?


Blogger Ham said ... (00:55) : 

John, you made me scurry around and scan in my photo from the Guggenheim


Anonymous John said ... (09:14) : 

Love it ! Great shot Ham.. something a bit abstract always makes me happy. Must do more of it myself. Thanks.


Blogger Chris said ... (12:14) : 

Hey ! A Psychotic stair we have here : PERFECT :-)


Blogger dutchie said ... (14:17) : 

fantastic !


Blogger szabi said ... (00:06) : 



Blogger Nathalie said ... (13:13) : 

Wonderful, wonderful photo! Keep this one in your treasure vault, it's a little gem.


Blogger Bleeding Orange said ... (19:31) : 

Well spotted, i love it!


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