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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dem Bones

Last Friday in the month? it's Critical Mass bike ride once again. In anticipation of Halloween this skeleton turned up. You might be interested that he and some friends are going to try cycling 1,000 time around Parliament Square on Monday. I confess I can't remember quite why - fundraising for a charity I think - but I thought you might like to meet him.

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Anonymous John - Melbourne said ... (12:02) : 

Yeah I'd like to meet him... in this way via photo, not up close and personal on a bike ride, he might push me off! Is that a skull on his bike?!!!


Blogger Kate said ... (13:09) : 

I like the fact that he matches everything: gloves, facial make-up, skull. I have a similar full body costume that I used to wear to chaperone our school's Halloween Dance. No-one was frightened, however. Nice shot!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (18:32) : 

The framework of his bike is painted like bones too...Hmmm guess he's going to be riding a massive bone allday on Monday, no wonder he's smiling!



Blogger Gail's Man said ... (18:38) : 

He's obviously going to be riding a boneshaker!


Blogger Curly said ... (20:10) : 

So a group of people can cycle 1000 times around Parliament Square but a one man demonstration is verboten!

What a strange place our capital has become!

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Blogger Nathalie said ... (00:20) : 

Sure am delighted to meet him! Quite a character! How did you approach him? Asked him if he would accept a photo taken? I'm rarely comfortable with photographing people in the street... Great photo!


Anonymous Helen said ... (17:12) : 

Presumably the main purpose of cycling 1,000 times round Parliament Square is to make life as difficult as possible for people who have to get round it, cross it, or generally get to their work or whatever other destination they need to get to.


Anonymous Gavin Hart said ... (07:33) : 

What a great shirt! It must attract a lot of attention. It looks like fun. The face paint also looks good.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:35) : 

hey !!! red hot chili peppers musician !!! good style !!!


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