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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Multicultural London, No 2 in a series

I have no idea what this shop does, or what it sells. I know some of you speak Russian - put me out of my misery. Do other cities have shops that are signed completely in a foreign language?

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Blogger OutHouse Capital of Canada said ... (00:52) : 


in Vancouver BC there are shops with Chinese signs and no English you can also find India/sikh language signs but in those areas the population is mostly that ethnic background and quite likley that other ethnic groups have the same

Vancouver Daily Photo blog may have pictures in his archive?


Blogger Curly said ... (01:23) : 

Reminds me of Wembley High Street!

Curly's Photoshop


Blogger Kim said ... (02:54) : 

I will be on the lookout for a sister photo in future. I'm sure it's common in all metropolitan areas in the world. What's really interesting is the Thai place is right next door!


Anonymous kris said ... (08:30) : 

wow, good eye! heheh..i lost too!

for us, primarily the sign must be Hungarian, followed by foreign language if you wish .


Blogger Ham said ... (08:52) : 

Modstly, on other shops, there is either a translation or you just =know= that it is a restaurant, grocers, whatever.... just don't know this one at all.


Blogger Zsolt72 said ... (11:46) : 

as Kris said here the first sign has to be Hungarian though I never seen any McDonald's written in Hungarian:) if there is any Hungarian version for it:) (anyway in China I have seen McDonald's in Chinese)


Blogger breadchick said ... (13:27) : 

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Blogger breadchick said ... (13:29) : 

In Boston we have several areas where signs are completely in other languages. In the North End (Little Italy), some of the grocery stores signs are all in Italian, in Chinatown Chinese. Over in Brookline, we have a small Russian Jewish section that has both Yiddish and Russian signs and in Somerville there is a an area of Haitian creole signs. Not far from where I live in Cambridge is one of the largest Aremenian communities in America. My favourite bakery's sign is all Armeniean.


Blogger Bystander said ... (16:06) : 

That pinigu pervedimas seems to be Lithuanian and has something to do with financial services, money transfers etc.


Anonymous Charis said ... (16:37) : 

It's a Lithuaninian bank:

No, I don't speak a work of Russian, just used the Internet. Interestingly their slogan is the state motto of....Kansas.


Anonymous Helen said ... (19:21) : 

What is says in Russian is Money Transfers. And that's what it does, transfers money back to Russia or the former Soviet Republics, where there are Russians.


Blogger Ham said ... (20:49) : 

Thanks for that, Helen! So, that has to be why they don't have anything on show......


Anonymous Michel said ... (15:48) : 

In Paris one can find some shops like that, in the Paris Chinatown and in the 12th "arrondissement" there's a Russian shop "Gastronom" which is completely signed in Russian if I remember well.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:42) : 


in Berlin we have some shops which are only labeled in turkish. Most of the people in the shop speak german quite good but they don't see a reason why to give their shop a german sign although they have to according to german law.


Anonymous Maximba said ... (10:43) : 

Helen is right. I saw one of these near Victoria Train Station. Was really surprised to see it


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