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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Thames Festival

Today was the first day of the Thames Festival which is one of the best free events of the year. What should I use as the picture? A flowery sculpture? A penguin? A barbecue? No, I thought, the German Beer Tent. Not sure why....

Public service announcement: Anyone living near East London can come along today, Sunday 17th September at 14:00 hrs at Wanstead station for a FREE Blue Badge guided walk in celebration of National Walking Day. Should be fun!

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Blogger dutchie said ... (07:21) : 

Sorry Ham, i already have the Gergiev festival to attend :)


Anonymous Pamela said ... (10:02) : 

Your motivation was nothing to do with the low-cut tops on their costumes? :)


Blogger Curly said ... (10:45) : 

I can't understand why you have featured a picture of melons today Ham.

Curly's Photoshop


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:40) : 

Were they english or german ?

Did you have to ask them to lean forward ?


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (15:08) : 

Thanks for the info Ham, would have liked to have had a look at that walk, had no idea about National Walking Day. Unfortunately I won't be walking any long distances for a while :(

I'm thinking that Mr married Ham wasn't interested in buxom ladies at all...just beer - hence the empty cup on the table lol.


Anonymous kat said ... (15:23) : 

Am I the only one looking at the expressions on their faces?

They look a little, what? Sad? Confused?


Blogger Ham said ... (21:03) : 

Dutchie - hope your festival was as good as ours.

Pamela - you mean they are wearing low cut tops? I hadn't noticed.

Curly - LOL!

Anon - you mean you think they talk as well? what an original idea.

Kitten Heels - flatter shoes are good for walking ;-) (hope you aren't in pain) and yes, it was the technical issues involved in bottom-fermented beers that I was discussing with them. (strange how anything sound like it has innuendo)

Kat - winsome is what they are doing.


Blogger Kate said ... (21:43) : 

But, where's the beer? The walking tour sounds wonderful Great idea. Incidentally, the girls in the foto look charming!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (22:00) : 

pmsl Ham I'm saying nothing about froth because that would just be nasty.
And noooo to flat shoes! I need the height ;-)


Anonymous kat said ... (23:48) : 

'winsome', ah, ok.

btw, the barbecue link doesn't seem to be working for me.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:44) : 

(link fixed)


Blogger Chris said ... (20:42) : 

Petit coquin ! Sure you dream being a water melon, Huuh ?


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