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Thursday, September 21, 2006

You can't even give it away.....

London is in the throes of a newspaper war. We are now .... blessed... with three afternoon papers, two of which are free. (review of all three). The consequence? people are now employed to give them away - and they can't even do that.

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Blogger Gail's Man said ... (07:50) : 

And they can't even wrap fish & chips in them now either.


Anonymous Pamela said ... (12:00) : 

Having worked on several local free papers here in Tenerife, I sorta know how it works, but I would also have assumed that London could manage to do it a whole lot better. Read Diamond Geezer's scathing, but I am sure, perfectly accurate, reviews and I doubt I'd want my fish and chips wrapped in any of them, even if it were allowed!


Blogger Jing said ... (13:35) : 

yep. Shanghai seems a little bit same.:)its a newspaper world!
Today I took the subway and I found most of the people there reading all kinds of newspaper, and u can take many differet types of free newspaper when u enter the subway or on the bus station everyday morning. I think the newspaper war exists in many cities!


Anonymous Essexgirl said ... (15:44) : 

They are a pain and very persistant. I declined at least 20 last night. I should have taken one to stop the others approaching me.


Blogger Paul said ... (19:48) : 

About 6-7 years ago we had a newspaper war here in Denver between the two major dailies (Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News). Homeless men were given newspapers for free to hawk on street corners - basically to help inflate circulation numbers - and they were allowed to keep the newsstand price which, I believe, was 25 cents. That led to hundreds of guys blocking traffic on city streets, plus fist fights over the "best" corners. All that ended when the two papers merged their business operations - which resulted in monopolistic advertising prices and a doubling of the cover price. So much for competition!


Blogger Nathalie said ... (13:11) : 

Sydney has only recently been hit with the free afternoon paper syndrome, only one at this stage and kindly distributed at all railway stations - no pressure, no fuss. Because there's only one and most travellers take it, it's an eerie sight to see three quarters of the passengers on the train reading the same paper. Will try and take a photo of that soon. Cheers


Anonymous Jamie said ... (16:34) : 

fortunately my daily route doesn't tend to take me past these newspaper hawkers that infest the streets every afternoon. but when i have been into the west end, i'm starting to resent having to run the gauntlet past these guys. i was leaving euston mainline a while ago and hawkers from the rival papers were fighting for my attention. go away!


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