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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Competition Time! - What is this?

I can't resist, I'm afraid. What do you suppose this stainless steel, glass topped building is for? London Daily Photo Postcard for the winner. Just guess, why not?

OK - now TWO prizes are up for grabs, the first to the right answer but as I am convinced that nobody will get that, another prize for the most creative guess!

(later) Well, I was wrong. Jing guessed correctly, well done! It's a sewage farm. Google Maps satellite view of it. On Sunday Mrs Ham & I cycled the Thames Path from London out to Dartford; when I saw this astonishing structure I had to take the picture. (Just be GLAD you can't smell it!!)

The "Try for the Creative answer" competiton is still running, I'll anounce the winner tomorrow.

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Comments on "Competition Time! - What is this?"


Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said ... (01:29) : 

My guess is a "television studio". There are sections for drama, game shows and general entertainment; chimney is for burning the scripts that did not make it!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (07:52) : 

I'd say it was an incinerator. A new green type, that doesn't create so much pollution, which is why it only has a small chimney.


Blogger Curly said ... (08:31) : 

I thought an incinerator too, ideal for Livingstone's edicts!

Curly's Photoshop


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:37) : 

well with all those delivery bays it looks like the head office of a news paper or media station.


Blogger Sally said ... (09:01) : 

A branch office of The Eden Project?


Anonymous John - Melbourne said ... (10:56) : 

Ok the bit on the right looks like a commonwealth games baton where fire would come out the top, the roof looks like a ski jump, so I'll guess a sporting institute of some sort. Olympic games headquarters?


Anonymous John - Melbourne said ... (10:58) : 

My daughter ( 8 ) thinks it might be an indoor playcentre, perhaps with trampolines or circus equipment!


Anonymous Sabine said ... (11:36) : 

It surely is a fire station, we have some of those in France !


Blogger Lisi said ... (12:50) : 

an art school? anywaz, I think that's a cool looking structure.


Blogger Jing said ... (13:00) : 

whats this??
Um...a factory? a museum? a incinerator? or a sewage farm??
I really don't have any ideas about it! whats that,Ham ??


Blogger Ham said ... (13:27) : 

Well, well, well. Jing is right. It's a sewage farm. Google Maps satellite view of it.


Blogger Kate said ... (13:52) : 

A school for architects, perhaps burned out architects?!


Blogger Jing said ... (14:58) : 

Just now I knew that I won the prize!!
thats amazing~~~I cant believe it!!
Anyway, thx Ham !
I wrote back already~~~
hee hee, I am waiting...


Anonymous NiC said ... (18:08) : 

Excellent.. I'm glad it's sewage related as it reminded me a bit (though much classier) of the new Abbey Mills Sewage Pumping station down Hackney way.


Blogger Chris of Dangerous Logic said ... (18:32) : 

The Cathedral of St. Swithin The Linearly Challenged?


Blogger ems said ... (21:19) : 

Damn! I visited far too late. I knew this one as I used to work fairly near by.


Blogger Ham said ... (08:08) : 

So.. the second winner. Some good ideas, but I think that it has to go to Vancouver's "Televison Studio" because - after all - they both do the same thing, pushing out quantities of ****.

ems - Better luck next time! BTW..... wasn't Kidbrook School, was it?


Blogger ems said ... (21:12) : 

No. My old boss is at Kidbrook though.


Blogger bedir26 said ... (14:56) : 

Charlies new Chocolate Factory?


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