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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The day of the cycle

You've seen London's bicycle police before - but have you seen the bicycle ambulance? I'd be surprised if mosts cities with the same congestion problems didn't use them.

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Anonymous Jing said ... (04:11) : 

cycle ambulance??
wow...I never heard that before. In Shanghai, the city has big problems in traffic...
This is a good idea I think.
Have a nice weekend!


Blogger Michael said ... (07:01) : 

I can imagine that this is somehow more efficient than the petrol-drinking version...unless, of course, the driver is carrying around one of those huge cans of lager.

Be sure to see your site on FanPop also Ham. I'll expect royalties one day!


Blogger ems said ... (08:25) : 

We did spot one of these recently but I can't remember where. It'll come back to me later. A good idea.


Blogger Kim said ... (09:20) : 

Super photo, Ham! And what an amazingly brilliant idea. Can they pull a gurney along behind? No? Perhaps just first aid then. Love the bright colo(u)rs.


Anonymous NiC said ... (10:30) : 

Heh, heh.. like the idea of a gurney.... though probably not lying in one being towed by a bike over London's potholed streets (it's bad enough in an ambulance).

Excellent idea for a first response team in any city like London though, I know how much faster I can get about on a bike than any other form of transport.


Anonymous BrianG said ... (11:35) : 

Here, each "Cycle Response Unit" cycle is equipped for either a male or a female rider.

Nice pic of a "cycle couple"! :-)


Blogger Michael said ... (12:32) : 

Hey Ham, just noticed the guitar in your blogger photo. Is that you? What kind of music do you like to play?


Blogger Nathalie said ... (13:49) : 

Never heard of them either in Paris or Sydney, suppose they are used to get the paramedics on site faster, not to carry anyone anywhere?


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (18:44) : 

Hmmm so where are the ambulance horses?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:50) : 

Yes, they have them in York. Great idea!


Blogger Kate said ... (19:27) : 

What a great idea, and a very good photo!!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (22:42) : 

If the bike gets a puncture, the rider can always put a plaster on it!


Anonymous Melody said ... (23:24) : 

Terrific idea. I have seen the police ones but never the ambulance ones. But what happens if they need to take a patient to hospital? Dink them I guess. *giggle giggle*


Blogger Ham said ... (00:12) : 

(sorry will answer comments tomorrow)


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (07:53) : 

we have ambulance on motorbikes in Singapore. but not on bicycles :-)


Blogger Peter said ... (13:00) : 

Kitten Heels - Actually there was a story this week in the paper about the first Paramedic on horseback. It's to enable them to get to accidents in the countryside more easily.


Blogger Ham said ... (15:35) : 

Amazing - I didn't imagine this would get any response - what do I know?

They came about a few years ago, when someone looked a tthe response times for ambulances in Central London, and thought of motorbikes and cycles as a way to get to the scene of an accident, fast.

Michael - I like the lager idea, and thanks for the "Fanpop". I used to play Blues, Jazz & folk very badly. Now I play worse still. I bought it at Andy's guitars about 30 (+?) years ago and love it deeply, even if it does deserve better. It was the post a few days ago that made me think of doing the pic.

Kim - maybe we should suggest the gurney idea? Reminds me of the pisteurs skiing down the mountain with a casualty.

Briang - they all wear trousers here!

Natalie - yes, I believe that they are able to get a paramedic almost anywhere in central london within 10 minutes.

Kiten Heels, Peter - I suppose it was an idea just waiting to happen.

Gails man- LOL!


Blogger zannnie said ... (06:18) : 

Hey, this is interesting!:D


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