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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Iron Men

These statues just nearby to Woolwich Arsenal remind me of Anthony Gormley, or Ted Hughes Iron Man.

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Blogger Curly said ... (00:31) : 

I have to agree, very Gormley, Ham.

Curly's Photoshop


Blogger Kala said ... (02:05) : 

Interesting photo - it looked unreal/surreal - is that snow?


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (04:10) : 

when you mention iron men, it reminds me of those athletes who are does the running, cycling and swimming race.

This pic is nice. The one in front is sinking too! haha...


Blogger Rodney said ... (04:59) : 

Wow! Interesting statues. Nice.


Blogger Michael said ... (08:31) : 

Love this kind of art. Makes you stop and look and assess. IN the photo, the ones on the left look like real people covered with fabric (until I blow it up to the large size).


Blogger Ham said ... (08:31) : 

Here is a wider view of the group. The ground (and everywhere is wet) - luminance is increased a bit to stop it looking too dreary.

Kerpok man, I was thinking of that, too, with the title.


Blogger Michael said ... (08:46) : 

Great to see the bigger view Ham.


Blogger Sally said ... (09:00) : 

Loved Gormley's Asian Field, seen in Sydney earlier this year (and blogged!)


Blogger ems said ... (09:12) : 

These are fantastic! They look like they've been superimposed onto your photo. Are they around for long, do you know? I may just have to get the ferry over to see them for myself.


Blogger Andrea said ... (09:21) : 

hi tricks to get the horse to look at must of been loreal...because I'm worth it !!!! lol !!!
great pictures, i'm enyoed my the fountain expo, it looks so cool and you captured a great photo...
have a nice weekend...


Anonymous Ruth said ... (14:22) : 

I'm imagining the studio where the artist built these.


Blogger John Nez said ... (14:54) : 

Now those fellows look like they could work the daily 9-5 grind without any complaints! However, we lowly humanoids on the other hand, have a harder time of it.

Looks like they could use a few drops of Pennzoil...



Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (18:29) : 

Creepy, creepy and just more creepy! I keep thinking of Doctor Who's Cybermen. But seriously, if I saw these on a dark night I think I would run screaming!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:47) : 

ems - I think they are there for the long term, they're not that far the ferry, just before you get to the arsenal.


Blogger Pod said ... (10:16) : 

it reminded me of dr who too


Blogger PPL said ... (17:52) : 

Beautiful !!!!!


Blogger Ham said ... (23:13) : 

Well, I've been remonded about the Ironman in Birmingham, so they have to be Gormley. Strange there is not that much info about them.


Anonymous John - Melbourne said ... (09:27) : 

Missed this one, how fantastic they are, and the way theey stand in the pebbles is really lovely.


Blogger Bleeding Orange said ... (19:24) : 

There was s similar one in Birmingham, in Victoria Square.


Anonymous mulberry outlet said ... (13:52) : 

if I saw these on a dark night I think I would run screaming!

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