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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look up!

Always look up, you never know what you might see. Unfortunately I don't know much about this picture, but I would say it is obvious the the building now occupied by the Bank once traded with the middle and far east - we are in that part of the City. I went into the bank and asked if they new the history of they building, but they didn't. What a shame.

I'm away for a couple of days so cannot respond.

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Anonymous FredB said ... (23:02) : 

HSBC means Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation...
Well, it still has a connection with Far East, doesn't it? :)


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (00:18) : 

I look above doorways of building now, as you never know what you might see. Some results have appeared on my site for the world to see.


Blogger ems said ... (08:25) : 

Peek House. Built in 1885 for Peek Bros tea, coffee and spice merchants.

Reference was made to the camel caravan in a leaflet for a walk in the area I read a while ago. Just a case of looking for it this morning.


Blogger Kate said ... (13:44) : 

I'm also interested in the building that is reflected in the transome above the door. The camels are more appealing than the bank's logo.


Blogger Brinley Hawkins said ... (14:18) : 

Used to be a Midland Bank, HSBC only took over about 10 years ago, so the oriental facia did'nt come from there.

My favourite story is about the naked statues on the Zimbawbian Embassy, the building started as the headquarters of the Royal College of Surgeons.

I always make a point of looking up, developers only pay for the alterations at eye level, you can find out a lot about the buildings history by lust looking up.


Blogger Hippa said ... (16:46) : 

Hey darling!
Im coming for london i a few days, do you have any tips for some fab shopping?


Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (17:37) : 

I always look up because I love to survey the architecture. I've found some amazing sights, especially in Paris.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:43) : 

ems, that's brilliant! thanks. It turns out that Peek Freans is the same origin.

Kate, I'll check it out when I'm next there, but I thikn the building opposite is fairly ordinary.

Hippa - drop me a mail (londondailyphoto [at], tell me the sort of shops you are looking for and I'll see what I can do.

Johnny, you are right about Paris, too, but I think London has more "surprises".


Blogger Jing said ... (14:43) : 

HSBC,now it came back to shanghai again. In 1949, it left shanghai and moved away all its branches in China.
and that building looks great from this angle!


Blogger Ovelikios said ... (18:28) : 

Awesome building


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