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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mini Cab anyone?

The London Minicab was an anomaly. Until recently, London was the only place in the UK where drivers did not have to be licensed (in contrast to the London Black Cab, which has the most stringent licensing). That has changed now, and none too soon. Use this if you want to check if a car is licensed. All Londoners use Mini Cabs from time to time, and there are some better ones, however a large proportion don't know their way about and drive like banshees. I would always recommend going in a "Black Cab" if you have the option.

A short reminiscence from my dim and distant past. Many years ago, I did mini cab driving for a short while for a very dodgy firm, based in the West End. Mini Cabs cannot pick people off the streets, they have to be booked through an office. To get round this on Saturday night, they slung a tray around someone's neck with a 2-way radio, a car battery round his shoulder and a flashing light on his head - hey presto! instant taxi office. Of course, this in no way reflects on the Daily Photo's very own cab driver ;-)

(I am away for a couple of days so will be unable to respond)

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Comments on "Mini Cab anyone?"


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (00:11) : 

Going by taxi by any chance?


Blogger Nathalie said ... (03:24) : 

Interesting comments on cab licensing. I had no idea London was such an wild and uncontrolled place.
Talking about wildlife, if you want to see a kangaroo, head for Sydney this weekend !


Blogger chris.h. said ... (14:28) : 

got a chance to catch up and some great shots Ham. Thanks for the link--Im totally shocked about London private hire --I never knew it wasnt licensed until recently!!


Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (15:37) : 

Ooops, lost my comment. I mentioned to Nathalie that I saw a movie last night called "Nathalie" with Fanny Ardant and Gerard Depardeux. Weird but interesting movie...XXX language. I saw a news bit on taxis. A new fleet has started using cows as a theme. Includes Cow fabric interiors, cow music, moo horn sounds, etc. The cabbies wear clothes made of faux cow skin. What next?


Blogger Brinley Hawkins said ... (16:16) : 

I remember taking a mini cab, and the driver did'nt know the way, and had to read the map by getting out of the car and using the headlights. because the inside light did'nt work.


Blogger Monica said ... (21:30) : 

Ok, now I definitely have some new elephants for you!

There's one in the Imperial War Museum.

And I do believe the drain pipes of the India house (somewhere in Holborn?) are in the shape of elephants. This is a little fuzzy to me, as it was dark and I was walking home after several glasses of wine, but I'm pretty sure I saw elephants.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:48) : 

johnn - sounds like those cab drivers are starting a new moovment.

Brinley - all too common, I'm afraid

Monica - sounds great, I'll check that out.


Blogger alex said ... (10:10) : 

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Anonymous Ethan Marcotte said ... (14:43) : 

Can we not hire a minicab directly and is that possible only on booking?


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