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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pan Pipes with attitude

It doesn't matter in which part of the world you are, the one thing that you know for certain is that there will be performing Andean (?) Pan Pipe musicians. It's quite clear that, however good they are (and most of htem seem to be) at their instruments they need a gimmick. Step forward the feathers and the little dances. In Stratford of all places. (If god was to give the world an enema, Stratford is one of the places he might well stick the tube)

I had to take a video - see them here and here.

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Comments on "Pan Pipes with attitude"


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:56) : 

I think you're being too kind to Stratford!


Blogger edwin s said ... (09:50) : 

they're in london now! they were in szentes not too long ago and they were here in KL earlier in the year.


Blogger Ham said ... (22:13) : 

Edwin - they are EVERYWHERE.


Blogger Felicia said ... (23:38) : 

I'm not familiar with Stratford, are you saying it is not a clean place? It doesn't look too horrible from your photo.


Blogger Paul said ... (00:07) : 

While visiting Budapest in January 1997, I encountered a musical group down in one of the subway stations playing Andean pan-pipe music. They were very talented and managed to sell quite a few CDs. Now I'm sorry I didn't buy one!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:47) : 

Felicia - not so much dirty, just not a place a lot of people would have chosen to live ... but that may change! (oooo... could be advance notice of another post!) These guys were talented musicians - in a lot of ways its a shame they must sell their art short.


Blogger scouter573 said ... (06:49) : 

Gor! I saw similar dudes in Athens, Greece, in December, 2004. I can't tell you how weird it was to be an American watching these dudes play Andean music while dressed in American Indian fancy dress while standing in Athens. To top it off, they were playing amplified instruments - but wait! Not really! They were faking it the old Milli Vanilli way!


Blogger Lunar Chick said ... (12:10) : 

I was in Malaysia last year in November and outside one of the shopping malls they had this group of pan pipe musicians dressed just like that with tables selling CD's and jewelry. It was quite cool to see, but in that humidity, I'm sure wearing such heavy costumes was also torture...


Anonymous Ken said ... (23:11) : 

Hi, liked your two video's, but i think they were playing North American Indian flute and not pan pipes, please correct me if i'm wrong.
Regards Ken.


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