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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Boing Boing

Not for me. I mean ...why????

I found this mobile bungee jump just outside the Excel centre in Dockands. Would you jump just for the hell of it?

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Comments on "Boing Boing"


Blogger ems said ... (13:21) : 

Yes. About 10 years ago over Cardiff Docks.


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (17:33) : 

Not for me either. Trusting your life to a piece of elastic, I don't think so.


Anonymous Jackie said ... (18:14) : 

I like the idea of jumping for the hell of it - if only it wasn't such a long way down! Great action shot though - I think like you I'd sooner appreciate the experience from the ground!


Anonymous NiC said ... (18:16) : 

Oh no, no, no..they must be bloody mad!


Blogger Edulabbe said ... (20:39) : 

Absolutely YES!!! I've never done bungee jumping and would definitely try it if a mobile one would come to my city!

Greetings from Chile


Blogger Michael said ... (23:04) : 

Isn't boing boing a famous internet site too?


Blogger Ham said ... (00:32) : 

Yes, well. I didn't mention that some of the people were bouncing into the arc of the crane boom and the crane was stationed so that the prevailing wind was towards the semi circle of the boom. No, not for me for sure.

Michael, yes, you are right. It was deliberate and I considered linking to them from the title but as I never do that ....rectified


Anonymous Nathalie said ... (06:25) : 

I'm not going. Happy to take pics of other bloggers doing it!


Blogger lynn said ... (13:36) : 

Never. I can't even stand in the middle of the room on a chair to change a lightbulb without feeling the need of a steadying strong male arm! Getting quite giddy just looking at the pic. Gorgeous sky - think i'll stare at that instead.


Blogger dutchie said ... (14:02) : 

Never. Ever.


Blogger Ham said ... (14:55) : 

Actually, I've checked out their website and given the number of events they run I'm prepared toaccept that what I saw was an optical illusion and it was perfectly safe all the time. However as I have a bad back I couldn't do it even if I wanted to... shame ;-)


Blogger lynn said ... (13:03) : 

Me too, i'm a martyr to my back .. so no, sorry.


Anonymous Susan said ... (02:47) : 

I've done something similar. The daredevil dive. Here's a Video of some people doing it.

It was so much fun!


Anonymous Paddy said ... (13:08) : 

I was there!! I won a completion at the Gap Year fair for a FREE bungee jump, it was INCREDIBLE!


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