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Monday, November 27, 2006


I was walking down Kennington Road when I happened across the Orwellian sounding "Central Office of Information". They had a few posters up in honour of their sixtieth birthday, including this. It's funny - you don't have stories about pelicans for years then three come at once.

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Anonymous jing said ... (06:24) : 

very funny cartoon.

Hey,Ham, I recognized what that tattoo on that guy's arm!!! :D
in Chinese:荣誉(rong2 yu4), it means : honour.



Blogger lynn said ... (08:42) : 

lol. Careful, Winston, you know shots like this are not allowed.


Anonymous lynn said ... (10:00) : 

I'm currently working through your backlog of photos, when i get a few spare mins. So interesting. I'm up to June. Coffee breaks are even more enticing now lol


Blogger Ham said ... (12:31) : 

Lynn - In which case you may be interested in what happens here tomorrow...........



Anonymous NiC said ... (13:21) : 

I applied to work for COI once half a lifetime ago....passed the exam but not the interview.

Shame, you'd have had much better stats if I was in charge ;)


Blogger lynn said ... (14:11) : 

hmm.. intriguing, fellow-worker. I will meet you here immediately after Two Minutes Hate.


Blogger lynn said ... (19:58) : 

Well, Ham, I'm up to September now in your archives and a jolly old time and a lot of coffees i've had doing it. I recommend to others to flick back through Ham's shots. I've left a few little comments here and there along the way, it's a continuing journey of fun for me. lol oh and.. why did you decide to capture elephants? well, not literally of course, i mean, you couldn't really could you? .. not by yourself anyw...


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (20:56) : 

Oooh it would be like that episode of the Simpsons with Stampy! only BIGGER!


Blogger lynn said ... (21:19) : 

lol indeed...


Blogger Ham said ... (00:47) : 

Lynn, The heffalumps sort of happened. They creep up on you do heffalumps. I found one unusual one and realised I knew of several others, sad to tell I still thought they had them at London Zoo. I thought they had their wolves as well, although I'm sure they are happier in more appropriate locations. There are sill more pachyderms to go!


Anonymous lynn said ... (00:04) : 

wow is all i can say to that. oh and i thought i was the only one who said heffalumps. I love baby heffalumps. Got any of those? To fit in my postage stamp garden i meant...


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