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Friday, November 03, 2006

Gimme Five!

As you may imagine, I'm not a great fan of tourist tat shops. But, when you get to the end of Marylebone Lane at Oxford Street, you may well come across this bear, who belongs to a tourist shop, so they earned a mention.

I'm really curious - did you see my Marylebone Lane article on My Other Stuff yesterday? Should I have posted it here? Was it too long? Would you like to see more non-Internet researched posts? Let me know please.

Later: the post has now been moved into this blog, on 1st November

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Comments on "Gimme Five!"


Anonymous jazzy said ... (01:28) : 

that's a very nice capture Ham.


Blogger Kate said ... (02:26) : 

You can't lose with pictures of children. This one is especially appealing because the exchange between the two is pretty universal and immediately recognizable. Re. you question about links. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don't. Depends both upon my mood and my interest. Short is good; long is okay, but extra long is one that I would either skim or skip. Other bloggers may have an an entirely different take on it, tho.


Blogger Pierre said ... (02:40) : 

Excellent! The kid seems to communicate so deeply with this large and big fellow...


Blogger OutHouse Capital of Canada said ... (08:56) : 

I enjoy your blog and the pictures of London, I live more than a bus ride away in british Columbia, so it is refreshing to look at the "old smoke" from a distance.
I prfer more pictures and a good explanation but not a long ramble.


Anonymous NiC said ... (09:15) : 

Yes I read the Tyburn. All good stuff should be here I think.


Blogger Zsolt72 said ... (10:37) : 

ohh wonderful in the background a double decked bus?


Blogger Kim said ... (14:25) : 

Ham, I always enjoy things you have to say, either with an image or through your text. Whether I read longer posts completely is totally dependent on the amount of time I have and not on their interest level. Usually, I have more time for a leasurly read on the weekend days. I always love historical detail and local interest only you could bring to light. Great composition on this sweet shot!


Blogger Gerald England said ... (14:25) : 

I like the occassional long post, but suspect most folk will skip the long ones unless they are of immediate interest.

This comment block is covering up the Marylebone post and my gaze keeps slipping to that dog looking me in the eye!

It is probably thinking "what's this guy taking a photo of me for?" unaware of its destiny of world fame!


Blogger perle de rosée said ... (14:56) : 

A nice shot ! I like teddy-bears very much and if i were a child I would enjoy to meet such a gentle bear.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:14) : 

Ham, you play the guitar and ski, like me (we have one more thing in common).


Blogger City Slicker said ... (19:06) : 

I didn't see the article the first time around but as I live off Marylebone Lane I found it great. Definitely could have fit up front. Love the theme pieces. Great blogging as ever!


Blogger Peter said ... (09:07) : 

Hi Ham,
I too think short on the main blog is good and that the longer articls should be on "your other stuff" where we can pick and choose.
Non-internet research - I think it's you duty to do it for us. We could all do the internet stuff. Get on out there please! ;-)
Question from me - How far back in your blog do you keep an eye on comments? For example this comment is on an entry thats 2 days old now, will you see it?


Blogger Ham said ... (09:36) : 

Thakns folks for the feedback - I know what I'm going to do now, all will be revealed in a couple of weeks time.

zsolt - yes, two busses. Oxford Street is normally almost solid with them end-to-end.

Gerald the question in that dog's eye is - "food?"

Peter - yes ;-) (I normally keep an eye on the last few days, and try to remember the "one dropping off the bottom")


Anonymous mulberry outlet said ... (13:54) : 

It is probably thinking "what's this guy taking a photo of me for?" unaware of its destiny of world fame!

Mulberry factory shop


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