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Monday, November 06, 2006


I've been talking about some of London's hidden rivers recently and how ten rivers used to flow into the Thames in and around the centre of London. Way back when, if you were travelling you were at greatest danger at the points where travellers were concentrated by the landscape. You would often find robbers at bridges, the Knight's Bridge (which crossed the river Westbourne) was one such. Nothing changes, does it?
For those who don't know, Harrods is in what is now called Knightsbridge.

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Blogger Shelly said ... (03:15) : 

Just like Macy's in New York...the Peta people are always outside with a boycott...I had no idea Harrods is now Knightsbridge.


Blogger magikthrill said ... (04:46) : 

harod's is the big shopping centre that lights up at night right? very pretty but i never stepped inside. the pubs had taken all my money :-)


Blogger ems said ... (06:49) : 

Don't get the fuss about Harrods at all. Give me John Lewis any day of the week.


Blogger Ham said ... (08:33) : 

Just for the record Harrods used to be a proper shop. These days, you can find all the names there but the place is now more like a jackdaw's cache of glittery things. Just the sort of place a footballer and his girlfriend would shop.

I called in on Saturday because Santa's grotto had just opened and I thought to get a shot of the queue. However, it is on the 4th floor. I got up there, but became so increasingly revolted as I rose through the building that I had to get out, quick.

Maybe it was my fault for travelling up the Egyptian Escalator, a thing of that hits 12 out of 10 on the tacky-ometer.


Anonymous Nathalie said ... (12:37) : 

The Egyptian Escalator, OMG, tacky++++ indeed!

Regarding the fur trade, I thought there had been a ban on all this stuff year ago. It's back IN, is it? Blondes couldn't hold more than a couple of years without a furry thing round their necks?


Blogger Bill said ... (14:24) : 

I want to know how that guy attached the sign to his head. He does not appear to be in much pain as one would expect if a grove had been cut in as it appears....ok, let me get going on my 2nd cup of coffee before I leave any more comments. :)


Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said ... (16:24) : 

Sneaky introduction! I thought you had the wrong photo, until I reached the last paragraph. Very clever.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:44) : 

i don't get it.
is he saying the anti-fur lot are robbers?
or the big department stores?
or is that the point of this art : )


Blogger Ham said ... (17:15) : 

Anon - I'm implying that robbery still goes on in Knightbridge, only these days it's done in store. Mind you, people that shop regularly at Harrods (sweeping staement warning) have got more money than sense so deserve to be robbed blind.

I can understand tourists going there and there =is= good stuff to be bought. An awful, awful, awful load of bad stuff, too. I'd just hate for people to go away thinking that it represents the best of British retailing.

I don't care that much about the boycott - I wouldn't shop there (these days) anyway.


Anonymous Sara said ... (22:40) : 

Ahh I've seen those protestors around but the real fact is, do Harrods seel real fur? I thought it was illegal to sell fur in the first place!


Blogger DanielGent said ... (12:10) : 

yeh ham, this is anon but logged in this time.
i had a feeling you meant that but i was just checking you werent one of those tory types calling protestors criminals or watever.
funny joke though!

to sara, are you an absolute clown or something?
i take it you've never thought once to ask the protestors about the law or anything? u think they'd be stood outside there in their free time if it was illegal and harrods weren't selling it?
some people...


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