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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Lord Mayor's Show

On Saturday, Mrs Ham and I went to watch the Lord Mayor's Show, which has been a part of London's life for hundreds of years. This show is in stark contrast to the slick and glitzy Americanised New Year's Day Parade and seems to embody that spirit of enthusiastic amateurism that seems so British.

Read about the history of the Lord Mayor and the show on those links. I have posted some short video clips here (a new blog testing "blogger Beta" - I will post some of the 300+ photos I took as time goes by).

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Comments on "The Lord Mayor's Show"


Anonymous Nathalie said ... (03:14) : 

How typically Londonian and wonderfully colourful. A show that's been going on since the Middle ages, how's that for continuity! Brilliant!


Blogger dutchie said ... (09:27) : 

And seems like you had splendid weather too! Nice one.


Blogger Lisi said ... (09:43) : 

I saw this in TV news last night! it was covered because there was a "bun hill" there as part of the event


Anonymous Pamela said ... (14:13) : 

Claim to fame: my mum's been for a ride in that coach, (round about the time both she and Dick Wittington were still kids.) No, she wasn't supposed to. :)


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (17:03) : 

What happened to the little hand puppet things or am I imagining that?

Looks like The Lord Mayor is shouting at you Ham...


Blogger Ham said ... (17:52) : 

lisi - what is a "bun hill" Please ? (there is a Bunhill Row in London, but I don't suppose you mean that)

Pamela - I'm impressed!

Kitten Heels - No, you aren't imagining it- the Aldermen, Judges and others who ride theother coaches mosly have puppets or the like. Mr Mayor is normally too busy waving. I'll try to get some puppet pics posted tonight on


Anonymous JOhn - Melbourne said ... (09:23) : 

What a great specatacle, and a gorgeous carriage.. straight out of cinderella!


Blogger Lisi said ... (04:57) : 

well...bun as in the bun we eat...a tradition of an island in HK that they build a tall bamboo tower, stick buns on it and then they have a competition during the festival to have people to climb up and grab as many as they here featured the event because the bun hill was there...mmm...


Blogger Curly said ... (23:05) : 

Sounds like a bun fight eh Ham? Nice picture, great colour and detail, I love tradition and we Brits certainly know how to do the ceremonial!

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