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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Portobello Road Antiques Market

The Portobello Road antiques market, affectionately known by dealers as "the belly" might come as a shock to first time visitors because of its sheer size. Held on a Saturday there are so many antiques and people the mind can truly be boggled. I've chosen a picture of a small collection of walking sticks with watches, whistles, flasks and swords in them.

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Blogger Lisi said ... (05:51) : 

Have no idea there are different kinds of attached accessories to walking sticks, would be interesting to look through them one by one :)


Blogger ems said ... (08:13) : 

Like the choice. My dad has a small collection of walking sticks - but I don't think any of them have clocks or whistles attached. Perhaps I should get myself down there before Christmas!


Anonymous Virginie said ... (09:11) : 

I've to this market when I went to London this summer, but I didn't remember seing walking sticks. I like the one with the watch, it's really funny to have such accessories.

(sorry if I made mistakes, I'm not English, but I love your weblog)


Blogger Jing said ... (09:22) : 

oo..very interesting walking sticks.
Bring one stick with sword must be very cool....LOL :D



Anonymous NiC said ... (10:20) : 

What an excellent selection, lovely to see. Expensive, though, aren't they?

An extra .jpg suffix on the photo link giving me a 404 (and it is worth seeing at fuill size, nice shot)


Blogger lynn said ... (10:35) : 

Fascinating. Who buys them? I'm guessing not all old men who NEED such an item to assist walking. Must be collectors? Actually i know someone who loves walking, maybe he'd like one. Or would that be naff/insulting? Erm... do they do mail order?


Anonymous isabella said ... (12:57) : 

Swords, huh? Thanks for the warning;-)


Blogger Ham said ... (15:12) : 

This shop's stall was somewhere near the junction with Wesbourne Grove - in fact it may have been on Westbourne Grove. As it was a shop, they can be found the rest of the week.

ortobello Road it a great place to find presents for the person who has everything. From what I can see looking at the high-res pic, these are proces from £140 - £200. The one with a fist is a corkscrew.

Link fixed, sorry Nic. I've been having a lot of issues trying to upload pictures - in fact this still isn't 100% of the pic, but 10 tries is enough ;-)


Blogger Eric said ... (16:46) : 

I love canes and walking sticks. These ones look really beautiful. I suppose they're expensive...


Blogger jules said ... (20:53) : 

Loved the sticks. I was in London last year and took a stroll up and down Portabello Road. I took a whole bunch to photos, one was of walking sticks that are a little different than what you've got. I reposted the sticks today, stop on by for a look.


Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (21:13) : 

Photo content caught my eye. We don't see many of these in the States maybe that is why I think of London gentlemen when I see canes.


Blogger lynn said ... (21:55) : 

Ham check out your man and pigeon post comments..


Blogger Kate said ... (12:51) : 

Wonderful find. Especially like the one with the watch!


Blogger Vee said ... (20:29) : 

Love the market - I live near so get to visit often. Great pic of the walking sticks - portrays the market really well....
Have just bought a 350D so might see you around there.


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