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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Room service - swim over here please

This is in the heart of London.

The Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Royal Victoria Dock is unique to London. A purpose built floating hotel, it comes as a surprise to discover its function for the first time. It's right by where the bungee jumping was going on.

Coincidentally, Paris was full of big boats recently.

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Blogger Kate said ... (03:03) : 

Looks like a yacht that should be in Portofino, Italy. Would make for quite a cruise!


Anonymous Nathalie said ... (04:26) : 

I love the idea of a floating hotel but this one's not in my price range I'm afraid.


Blogger Michael said ... (05:24) : 

We'll be expecting interior photos tomorrow as you no doubt went inside, no?


Blogger ems said ... (07:04) : 

I like the angle of the photo - makes the boat seem quite mesmerising. I've see a few of the cruise ships dock at Greenwich - they are huge. Biggest though to pass us by must be the HMS Illustrious - the aircraft carrier. Massive.


Blogger Ham said ... (08:11) : 

Michael, afraid not. Maybe another time, but dressed for biking I don't think I would have got far past the door.

ems - I missed Illustrious (boooo) are pics, though.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:57) : 

Lovely angle Ham. I've always thought it a weird placing for a hotel boat.

But what is it about that Dock that brings out the sun? 'twas lovely blue skies when I went there too!

Sorry you missed Illustrious, I should have tipped you off.... I will do in future.


Blogger sophisticate at arms said ... (09:12) : 

I have stayed on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. Follow this link to see photos of the inside:

Can anyone tell me how to include a hotlink inside a comment?


Blogger lynn said ... (09:38) : 

sophisticate: i need to know too. Someone gave me some hints but i want a simple explanation.
This floating hotel looks just the job for an overworked underpaid journalist to take a few nights off. Laughing my head off at the thought of the possibility, probably ever in my life, i dare to ask you - how much is it per night?


Blogger Ham said ... (10:03) : 

I've covered how to put links in comments in my "How To" here


Blogger lynn said ... (10:43) : 

thanks for that ham, but went there, tried it and fluffed it. What's wrong with me, i'm a decently intelligent person...! left a comment after that link anyway.


Blogger teo mocchi said ... (10:54) : 

...mmm...wonderful colors and the boat is incredibly white!I need the cleaning personnel in my room...

Anyway, Ham you can find out a bit of Novara in London:


Blogger Jing said ... (14:47) : 

so huge boat!!!
so great photo!!
hee hee...really looks great!!


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:19) : 

Ham, you mean if anything goes wrong with the bungee jump people get free room service???!!!

btw, are you going to celebrate the anniversary s-i-l-e-n-t-l-y??? oops, it can't be sixxxx now...;p;p;p counting down for u...


Blogger Ham said ... (19:00) : 

lisi -lol! As it happens there was a guy there at the same time with a Mamiya 645 trying to get the boat and bouncing body in the same shot!

I have a few thoughts about *the day*, but as is so often the case life is conspiring.


Blogger ems said ... (20:42) : 

Ham, this is the second time I've Illustrious come through. It was here some time ago (I lose all track of time) when we got a much better look at it. It fired cannon as it passed the Naval College.


Blogger lynn said ... (22:06) : 

not sure i'm up to this blogging lark, Ham, now my whole blog's disappeared (nothing to do with your link advice)! Emailed Blogger for help... drums fingers...


Blogger Ham said ... (22:30) : 

Lynn - email me - londondailyphoto[at] It's easy fixed.


Blogger lynn said ... (22:56) : 

okay emailing now thanks!


Blogger lynn said ... (23:40) : 

wow HUGE thanks to Ham who fixed my blog problem with some sound advice. Thanks so much! Was a bit miffed to think i might have lost it all, such as it was.


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