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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Smoker's Corner

It's a common sight on London streets - the pariahs gathering to smoke the demon weed. Personally, I like Dilbert’s invention – the eargarette for non-smokers. It’s a little tube you stick in your ear so you can have a ten minute break when you feel like it. Hah! I’ve found it here.

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Blogger Susan in Hotlanta said ... (01:14) : 

I guess I'm a pariah. Harsh.

The propaganda machine has done it's job fabulously..."smokers are demons"!


Blogger Sally said ... (03:12) : 

Mostly young women, I see (same here). The largest group takign up smoking in this country.

Do I detect that this lot work in some branch of the health services?

I did not on my last February visit to London that it is easier to be a year-round adict in a warm climate.


Blogger Ben said ... (06:51) : 

I like that (Dilbert one) too!


Anonymous lynn said ... (10:36) : 

Fantastic! And why SHOULDN'T we have an eargarette break? lol great idea. In fact, i think i need one now... ah that's better. Great shot Ham, where was it and do they know they are demon-weed-famous now?


Blogger Ham said ... (11:10) : 

susan - demon weed is an english idiom for tobacco

sally - I think this bunch are probably beauty related

lynn - Covent garden. Worth a laugh to tell you how I got this one. Walking down the road talking on the phone on a work related call, saw these girls, shimmied across the road, whipped out the trusty A640 and fired off a few shots single handed. No, I'm sure they didn't notice otherwise they would be laughing their heads off.


Anonymous Virginie said ... (12:17) : 

They are nurses and they smoke ? That's a pity... Nice picture anyway


Anonymous lynn said ... (13:00) : 

Wow one-handed photography now! How intrepid you are and exciting your life must be Ham, i love it! Striding through the streets of London lifting your camera from beneath your overcoat (steady; watch for policemen, with that sort of behaviour) to capture the lives of many for us mere mortals who ... also stride through our towns lifting our cameras but perhaps not quite so stylishly.
It's a great shot considering your mind was on other things at the time. No not that, work i meant! I DID. WHA..t?


Anonymous susan in atlanta said ... (14:49) : 

Pariah? Still harsh.


Blogger Jing said ... (15:10) : 

dislike the smoker, but this is a beautiful photo!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:35) : 

smoking is a choice... Just like strapping on a latex costume and walking arround town with your dom/sub is a choice. And so one should not be marginalised for it. Just like some of us should not be marginalised for the fact that we don't look as good as some of the people in this picture.

Incidentally, should you have the missfortune of hanging arround the ICU of a hospital for a few days, you just might find yourself taking up smoking.

In any case, doing damage to their respective bodies is their right. Where this not the case, McDonalds would be banned - no?


Anonymous isabella said ... (18:04) : 

I think we are in sync, Ham. Smoking...was that a theme of the day? My latest post would support that...


Blogger Carol said ... (18:16) : 

It saddens me to see vibrant, young women smoking. We need to protect ourselves and keep the next generation safe from day one... I know some may choose not to bring a baby into the world, but if they do, the poor baby gets a bad start. That's probably the furthest from their minds at this point, but some day.... will they wish they had not started?


Blogger ems said ... (19:28) : 

Good shot, Ham. We're being seeing more smokers in the streets with the arrival of the ban in June.

Anonymous - you're right smoking is a choice and to an extent I agree that if people want to go ahead and damage their own health that's nothing to do with me. However, people who smoke also choose to damage my health - that I actively disagree with.


Blogger ems said ... (19:29) : 

Try we'll for we're in the second sentence there! (It's been a long day).


Anonymous lynn said ... (21:43) : 

Finished working through your backlog of great pics, Ham! Recommend doing that to all, there's lots to see.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:12) : 

I'm 100% behind ems here... anyone who wnats to kill themselves with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, fine by me - as long as it doesn't impinge on my freedoms. Especially my freedom to live and breathe.

As far as "pariah" goes, I tell it like I see it. You want to light up most places these days, you have to cast yourself out. Like this.

What really gets me are people moaning about women breastfeeding in public while lighting up a cigarette.

Lynn - lol!


Blogger Susan said ... (02:38) : 

Great shot. I was going to ask where it was taken, but I see Lynn beat me to the punch.
I just started my own Daily Photo Blog, Please feel welcome to drop by. I added your site to my links.
I love London.


Anonymous lynn said ... (14:06) : 

lol Ham absolutely on the breastfeeding thing! I recall - longer than i'm prepared to admit - being frowned upon, for merely snuggling my darling babes discreetly under my sweater to keep them alive and well, by these idiots who, often, were standing around me puffing and killing themselves and others. Grr.


Blogger Gerald England said ... (14:52) : 

A sight I often see is young mums with kids in pushchairs leaning over to adjust something leaving a cigarette poking from their mouth so that the ash falls on the baby!


Anonymous lynn said ... (18:47) : 

Absolutely, Gerald, how ridiculously unthinking and uncaring is that.


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