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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Something about to disappear

Today is a Daily Photo Theme Day - over fifty sites around the world are posting on the subject "Something that will soon be gone". For me, there could only ever be one subject.

What you are looking at is the empty space in Stratford that is soon to become the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Olympics. It is also my back yard - the thought of being able to cycle to the games in ten minutes is really exciting, I can hardly wait. In between now and then there will be many changes. Some will lose, but overall I think that we will all be winners. I'm hoping to get up to a higher viewpoint - if I do, I'll bring you all back the photos.

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Comments on "Something about to disappear"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:46) : 

Let me guess... land set aside for yet another freeway extension?! Thanks Ham, please come visit Melbourne one day.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:23) : 

that'll be helluva place, really something to look forward to =)


Blogger Kate said ... (02:08) : 

Now that's a real change!!


Blogger santy said ... (02:14) : 

wow...for the 2012 olympics!! very well planned!

btw, I'm late in joining the theme, but I'm participating anyway. I hope that's ok :)


Blogger ~tanty~ said ... (03:42) : 

Very good choice Ham :)


Blogger Denton said ... (04:14) : 

I grew up in Stratford. That is Stratford Texas and a long way from your backyard ... Good post and I look forward to your 2012 photos.


Blogger Sally said ... (05:32) : 

Wow. We all had a great time in Sydney in 2000 - like a 3 week party. Sure, schools and hospitals have been payign for it ever since (admitted by the govt they slashed maintenance budgets), but, hey, what a party for the hangover!

Mind if we all come and pitch a tent in your backyard? ;-)


Blogger Lavender Lady said ... (05:42) : 

wow! To be so close. I would love that!


Blogger Eric said ... (06:33) : 

I hope I don't offend your backyard, but it seems that it will be improvement when it's finished. I guess it depends on what they actually build there. Great and unique choice Ham.


Blogger Kim said ... (07:13) : 

Congrats on the convenience of the games to your place. I hope all goes well in the preparations. This before shot will be an historic photo one day.


Blogger Felicia said ... (07:20) : 

I'm looking forward to seeing this space develop through your blog. Exciting for you!


Blogger magikthrill said ... (07:34) : 

can't wait to see the "After" picture - but to be honest I was more of a supporter of PARIS2012 :) even though I know London will do a fantastic job!


Blogger Brinley Hawkins said ... (08:03) : 

There is a walk you can go on and see what it all looks like before the event, and here it is :-,,20449-1970158,00.html

Bet it's not ready on time though ....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:42) : 

I too fear offending you, but agree that what is to come almost has to be an improvement. Looking forward to seeing the development over the next few years.


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:47) : 

Shame the land isn't going to be used for a better purpose, such as a park. I just think the olympics is a huge waste of public money, which could be put to better use. Especially as Nottingham's 2 hospitals are making doctors, nurses & staff redundant as they are having to make savings. I hope the allotment holders win their battle.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:27) : 

i cant wait to see that Olympic Stadion. It will be amazing to see a photo from the same angle with the new building beside this one.


Blogger midnitebara said ... (10:53) : 

wow you are one lucky person. I'm watcging out for the next olympics but I'll just be watching on on tv.

nice post!


Blogger Jing said ... (11:22) : 

olympic statium!!so great to see this backyard will become a new and beautiful statium!!
i cant open the photo on your blog, only can see the small one on (supported by Eirc)...
i dont want to my footstep drop too long.
nice choice!!


Blogger Irredento Urbanita said ... (13:29) : 

In this case the finish of Old Trafford stadium is the birth of a great sports scenary. I like see the premier league and of course Man U. there.


Blogger Ham said ... (14:31) : 

Eric, Pamela - no offence taken (I don't live in Stratford, anyway)- improving this area was a large part of our bid.

Brinley - no takers!

Gail's Man - It is going to be a park.

I'm thinking of doing a time-lapse series - one every week for the next six years. That would be fun.


Blogger Unknown said ... (15:16) : 

Ham, so in 2012, you will be bringing daily photos of Olympics picture for us?
I think i can wait.. :)


Blogger G Fraser said ... (17:47) : 

good choice...will be very exciting to have the olympics so close by...will be rather noisy for the next wee while though.


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (18:39) : 

So if I claim to be your bestest friend in the whole world, do I get free tickets? LOL

Great idea for your theme day shot. Wish I had time to visit them all, but that's unlikely today.


Blogger ems said ... (19:29) : 

I'm in denial. I don't want the area to change. The allotments are wonderful - they are an amazing green oasis in the midst of an industrial zone; so much more than your average plot. They are irreplaceable. The idea that families who have worked these plots for generations can just start up and create the same thing all over again is ludicrous. My photos - and those of others - will, alongside memories, be the only things left of them soon. Sad.


Blogger Jenny said ... (20:04) : 

I agree - it doesn't look like anything special will be lost. What I wonder about giant Olympic stadiums is, what happens to them after the Olympics is over? How do communities put them to good use?


Blogger GiuCe said ... (20:41) : 

great changes for 2012 olympics ^.^


Blogger Unknown said ... (20:46) : 

Hi Ham, I agree it will be cool to see how the space changes from now until Olympics time. I'm enjoying all your photos. Trying to catch up on my DP surfing.


Blogger Charles said ... (21:51) : 

Hello from Brussels
see you soon


Blogger Ham said ... (23:54) : 

Grant - the building has started! Fortunately, I'm far enough away and in a protected area, so I don't expect to be directly affected.

Michael - sure, no problem ;-) Tickets only go on sale in 2011 but they are calling for people to register interest to be volunteers. I think I might.

ems - I really think it will be better. I'm very sad for the allotment users, and I hope they find a good new home, but all in all it will be better for more. I remember the protests when they were building the riad under Wanstead (remember swampy?) but now it is so much better.

Jenny - the plans for the grounds after the Olympics aer excellent if they come to pass. The largest park to be made in Europe in 150 years, a shoppoing centre, a business centre, a stadium. I am a little worried that it won't work out quite like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:16) : 

WOW, Able to bike to the olympics. That would be exciting!


Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said ... (19:39) : 

Lucky you to live so near. Excellent choice choosing the stadium grounds for the theme.


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Blogger Theukflights said ... (08:25) : 

I remember the protests when they were building the riad under Wanstead (remember swampy?) but now it is so much better.
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