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Friday, November 24, 2006

When bloggers meet.....

..... the cameras come out. Tonight I was at the the Cittie of York pub, at a blogers event hosted by The Londonist and great fun it was too. The pub is worth its own picture another time as it can lay claim to being the oldest pub in England. It is certainly the oldest cofee house in London.

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Anonymous jing said ... (03:30) : 

oo...great to hear so excited event!
ooo...i noticed the tattoo on this guy's arm...some chinese characters??



Blogger lynn said ... (09:34) : 

Bet it was fun; looks well attended. How do you get to know of bloggers events - are they by exclusive invitation only! Looking forward to seeing the pub.


Blogger City Slicker said ... (10:19) : 

Yeah is there now a blogging hierarchy?

Hoep it was fun


Blogger ems said ... (12:52) : 

I'm never quite sure what to make of the Cittie of Yorke. It's rather church-like and the atmosphere is sometimes a little odd - all those suits I suppose!


Blogger Ham said ... (13:33) : 

Jing, maybe you can translate? When I see some people walking around with tatoos in foreign languages, you know if you ask they'll say "Oh yeah, it means peace love and understanding" whereas in fact I bet at least 50% say "This stupid foreigner gave me money to do this"

Lynn, City Slicker, I hang around and am linked to by Londonist and occasionally contribute - they asked me.

ems - yes, I love the idea of having a church of alcohol. I can see a vocation for myself there.


Blogger lynn said ... (13:54) : 

lol Ham. Your observation of Kate Moss' shopping habits is excellent (contribute link, above) loved it. Like the disclaimer written below too. I was thinking similar things about the tattoo earlier!


Anonymous Mike said ... (19:21) : 

Hey Ham,

Good to meet you last night. That's my arm in question. It reads honour.

And yes I checked the translation before I had the ink done and have had it reconfirmed many times since. Although I still get the occasional 'joker' telling me it says 'fried rice'.


Blogger Michael said ... (20:00) : 

Great caption Ham and really great that Mike popped in to update us. I bet you are "honoured".


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:10) : spelt cofFee wrong :P

Like your comment on DG today;I'm saying nothing...


Blogger Girl on A Train said ... (09:46) : 

Sounds like a good event, a bloggers event! I'm new to blogging.

There's a pub in Winchester that claims to be the oldest pub in England. It's called the Royal Oak off Winchester High Street. Now, they can't both be the oldest pub can then?!


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