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Thursday, December 21, 2006

But I put money in....

Look familiar? Always a hazard when Christmas shopping, your local friendly traffic warden. This just cost her £50. But as she is driving a silly 20 mpg 4x4, I don't feel too sad. I've already made my feelings clear.

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Blogger Unknown said ... (23:58) : 

Doesn't look like he's too sad either lol he's just casually walking on by while she presumably remonstrates. Looks quite funny, but i wouldn't be laughing if i had a ticket. Then again, i wouldn't be driving a silly 20 mpg 4 x 4.


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:40) : 

The curse of the Chelsea Tractor. Perhaps the warden might have been a bit more lenient if she was driving a Smartcar.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:18) : 

Oh how I love seeing 4x4s getting booked :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:34) : 



Blogger Dsole said ... (10:44) : 

i don't understand these people buying a true expensive car just to drive in thru the city!! It makes me crazy when one of them is behind myself in my little car because its lights blinds me!!! arrrgh!
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Blogger Unknown said ... (14:23) : 

Shall we do a DP traffic warden shot Ham? An idea for theme day, what do you think.


Blogger None YourBusiness said ... (17:34) : 

How about those hummers? Do you see many in London?

Every time I pass one, I want to flip them off! LOL! But I don't....

The worst part is that it often is driven by a KID (teenager or early twenty-something). Makes me ill.


Blogger Louz said ... (19:36) : 

Wow, this struck a chord internationally. I too hate it when the people in the SUVs drive so close behind me with their lights blinding me (SUV = 4x4). Or pickup trucks. Since when does owning an expensive car give a license for stupid aggression. And yeah I feel a little hostile just seeing a Hummer.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:45) : 

Heh heh heh :-) Nice to see I'm not alone ..... For those that haven't seen it .. enjoy (you have to read teh letters out one by one)


Blogger John Nez said ... (15:01) : 

Well I share the 'anti-SUV' sentiment. But I'm afraid that here in the states, probably 30% of the vehicles are SUV sized. Hummers are a not uncommon sight either... with lavish expensive Hummer commercials on TV.

But finally the car buying public has had a dose of reality when gas goes over $3 a gallon.

And now more and more hybrid electric cars are appearing on the road.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:47) : 

Doesn't matter what she is driving - if she has been rooked it is WRONG. Get off your leftie high horses all of you. Older and smaller cars often pollute far more.


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