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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Bin

It's a happy bin, what more can I say? Give it something recycleable to chew on.

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Blogger Carol said ... (01:32) : 

Does it compress everything in one can?


Blogger Ame said ... (02:43) : 

HI! CUTE! =)))


Anonymous Jackie said ... (09:01) : 

Funny how inanimate objects remind you of random things. There's a gate not far from my house that is the spitting image of Darth Vader :)


Anonymous lynn said ... (09:31) : 

he he certainly does look happy! Recycling is great (if the council would only deliver my bins) but it would be better to address the packaging in the first instance. So much of it is excessive and made of plastic when it doesn't need to be. I bought a sandwich from a garage the other day, pulled over to eat it, couldn't get into the thing it was such strong, sealed plastic! Get this, i then had to drive back to the garage to ask to borrow some scissors.


Blogger Jing said ... (11:13) : 

Happy Ham!!
happy bin....
happy everyone~~~

so cute really!!!
need find something to feed him. :))

shanghai daily photo


Anonymous Virginie said ... (12:02) : 

This picture reminds me when I was in London last summer. There was a sign in the street, it was written “rubbish collection”. Actually, it was an advertisement for recycling. But this sign and the ironic sentence written on it were really funny.


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (01:46) : 

It sure is a happy bin. The more you look at it, the happier I become!

We have 4 different bins for all 4 kinds of materials. This all in 1 seems to be easier for people.


Anonymous JZ said ... (13:31) : 

i love this rabbish bin.


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