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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Most Hidden Pub in London

This pub has the distictionof being probably the oldest and best hidden in London. Even people working nearby may not know of it. It's in Hatton Garden, in a tiny alley between numbers 7 & 9 - look for the sign on a lamp post. Originally built in 1547, the Bishops Mitrewas built by the Bishop of Ely and it is well worth hunting out.

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Blogger Lavender Lady said ... (22:32) : 

It looks like fun,..but is that alleyway well lit? (this question from an old lady who hates to fall)


Blogger lynn said ... (22:51) : 

Looks so exciting! Bet it was a cosy pint. So you were in Hatton Garden. Mmm diamonds; girl's best friend! Did you see any?


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (08:02) : 

Looks like an alleyway that Jack the Ripper would lurk about in.


Blogger Grant F said ... (10:35) : 

pubs that you really have to look for are always worth the search!


Blogger lynn said ... (10:42) : 

Yes it's not the sort of place a lady could venture down at night without a large/strong man to accompany her. What a good excuse!


Blogger Kate said ... (13:02) : 

Looks like an adventure to me. I'm for it!!


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (17:25) : 

Wow, how interesting.

Nothing gets hidden from Ham!


Blogger ems said ... (19:23) : 

This is one of my favourite pubs. A friend and I were in here when the whole of the underground system shut down due to a power failure a couple of years ago. We were totally oblivious.


Anonymous Trixie said ... (03:14) : 

Sounds cool. I will give it a go. boo at only being open on weekends.


Blogger Curly said ... (23:59) : 

Outragiously cool!! Amazingly old, it can't really be a secret if it was built in 1547!

Curly's Photoshop


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:55) : 

'Hidden' in the sense that it's down an alleyway. But there is a sign on one of the streets (is it Ely Place) leading to the pub (I can't remember exactly as I'm not living in the UK anymore).

If you want another hidden pub without signposts, try 'The Grenadier'. A great pub, near Hyde Park Corner - Google for it to find out exactly where it is.


Blogger ej said ... (18:32) : 

In years gone by that pub was incredibly popular because Ely Place was actually part of the Diocese of Ely (Cambridgeshire) and not part of the City of London. So the London licensing laws didn't apply to it and it was open when other pubs were closed and there was nothing the City of London police could do about it.

(I'm a mine of useless information.)


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