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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Movie Movies

Walking the streets, as I do, I came across this rather novel marketing idea - a mobile video screen with full audio - this will take sandwich boards to a whole new level!

I do quite like this idea, though, I have a vision of a moblie video wall, tottering down Oxford Street. The people are Connect Everyone. If you look a the promo video on their site you will hear that it is the very latest thing in "face to face advertising". Sorry folks. I hate to argue, but this is face to arse advertising. Still, very enterprising and I wish them well.

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Comments on "Movie Movies"


Blogger MoonSoleil said ... (00:19) : 

I've never seen anything like that!
Very interesting...
Imagine him having a football match on his back and many people running behind him in to see something. =)


Blogger Annie said ... (04:00) : 

That's a first for me too. Seeing this made me think of all the "firsts" I've seen so far in my life - as well as all the "first" I've yet to see. Most of the next ones will likely be techological innovations such as what you've shown today.


Blogger Jing said ... (05:17) : 

and once i saw the same mobile video on the streets in the downtown.But the videos played was about the highway codes. and the guy who carried the video dressed like The Terminator.



Blogger ems said ... (08:45) : 

Funny but enterprising. I shall be on the look out.


Anonymous lynn said ... (11:22) : 

seems barmy to me. Is it linked to a camera? Imagine if we all wore them; instant dizzy spells and loss of direction. How bizarre.


Blogger Kate said ... (11:22) : 

Good capture, but I think it looks really, really odd---and uncomfortable to boot.


Anonymous lynn said ... (11:28) : 

Oh Ham you should see
Today’s poetry that be
Going on overseas, tis a blast!
Witty verse that’s dispersed,
The words fly like birds
Go to Paris if you can be arsed.


Anonymous lynn said ... (17:03) : 

HI HAM, sorry didn't mean to shout - your comment link has been hard to get into today, took a good few goes. Don't know if it's your site or what.


Anonymous isabella said ... (19:21) : 

I would not wear this contraption - don't want anyone starring at my butt...(with the exception of George Clooney, of course!).


Blogger Michael said ... (19:39) : 

I'm thinking an advert that says "Visit London Daily Photo" would be very eye catching...don't you?


Blogger Ham said ... (00:29) : 

Yes, looks like I missed out on some Paris action today. Ah well c'est la vie (parisienne)


Anonymous lynn said ... (01:17) : 

lol you could always catch up another day. It was fun. We missed you and you were mentioned, even expected!


Blogger Lisi said ... (05:25) : 

really cool, I wonder when we'll see it in HK :)


Anonymous Nathalie said ... (21:45) : 

Oh WOW, in Sydney none of this has hit the streets yet! Amazing!


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