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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Need a party bag?

Need a party bag? You should have thought of it on Saturday and gone dah'n the Roman. Bast wishes to all for the new year - I'll be back from the French Alps in the New Year.

Tomorrow is another worldwide theme day on the Daily Photo sites.

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Comments on "Need a party bag?"


Blogger lynn said ... (22:12) : 

A fiver for a bag? hmm.... Gerald would be more impressed with this, than my post recently talking about a bag for £135.


Blogger Olivier said ... (10:28) : 

Bonne année, bonne santé
"Le temps passe, les années filent. Quand une nouvelle année commence, on se demande toujours si elle apportera la paix et le bonheur à chacun... Fermez les yeux et faites un voeu !"

Good year, good health
time passes, the years slip by. When a new year starts, one always wonders if it will bring peace and happiness to each one… Close the eyes and make a wish!


Anonymous kris said ... (10:48) : 

oh yes, 1 please..what a bargain!

Happy new year 2007, Ham!


Blogger Gerald England said ... (12:55) : 

As Lynn says yes I'm more impressed by handbags costing a fiver than I am by anything costing £135.

Its not that I disapprove as such, just don't believe that a £100 bag can be ten times better than a £10 bag.

Even a fiver isn't a bargain if it only lasts two minutes.

Better shut up before I dig a deep hole -- love ya really Lynn


Blogger lynn said ... (14:29) : 

You too Gerald. We don't need expensive handbags to complete it do we? I mean, all that soft, high quality leather put together so securely and cleverly to scream both class, comfort and, most importantly, Gerald, long lasting economy. Imagine all those fivers i'd have to spend each time they broke and fell apart, not to mention the inconvenience of having to use your pockets as an emergency measure to deposit the broken, offending item's contents each time! You wouldn't want lipsticks, mirrors, tissues, perfume, phone and notebooks littering your trousers now would you Gerald? Whilst my gorgeous £135 one is still adding beauty and practicality to my outfit! I rest my case. he he ... i could go on.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (17:55) : 

Ham I don't believe it! I don't think I have ever recognised one of your photos quite so quickly, though the bag I went for was on the other side - I looked at those two weeks before Christmas!

French Alps? Sounds nice, hope it is :-)

Happy New Year everyone.


Blogger Gerald England said ... (20:07) : 


If your expensive bag will indeed outlast the lifetime of ten cheap bags then you've justified the expense. So no argument really.


Anonymous John said ... (21:42) : 

Looking forward to more great photos in 2007. Have a great New Year.


Blogger lynn said ... (22:53) : 

Happy New Year Ham, Mrs. Ham, Miss Ham. The whole Ham Household in fact. x


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