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Friday, December 01, 2006

Theme Day - "A Photo from the waist down"

This shot could only have been in London. This month the worldwide City Daily Photo Blogs theme is a photo "From the waist down". and this place is all about your feet. That's because this person has one foot in the eastern and one in the western hemisphere. We are at the Royal Observatory Greenwich - the place where time starts. Taking this type of photograph is essential for tourists.

There's so much here that I'll come back and tell you more another day.

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posted by Ham at 00:04 -- Comments here: 26

Comments on "Theme Day - "A Photo from the waist down""


Anonymous lynn said ... (00:40) : 

Such an interesting place,isn't it, (h)our Greenwich. Second to none, let's face it. As you say, so much to watch in so little time - the minutes rush past - you have to keep clocking up the visits. Lucky you found this young lady to pose, she's got it just right, you have to hand it to her. It's a great pic.
Thanks for slotting me in at the last min, Ham. Anyway it's late and i'm up early so ... Busy day tomorrow. Night!


Anonymous James said ... (00:49) : 

Very interesting!


Blogger magikthrill said ... (01:30) : 

Fanatstic incorporation of the theme Ham. Also, the grey sky in the background is very London I would say!


Blogger Kate said ... (01:53) : 

What a clever idea!!


Anonymous denton said ... (02:16) : 

True this is very unique to London. I especially like the extra special photo.


Blogger Jing said ... (02:31) : 

oh, Ham, you show us the planet in one photo:east+west.
very unique shot for the theme day.



Blogger Kim said ... (02:57) : 

What an especially effective photo, Ham. You bring it all together: place, theme, mood, composition, unique. . .brillient. Love the shot because it's anything but "touresty" yet you mention it's an obligatory thing.


Blogger Annie said ... (05:00) : 

That was a great idea for a photo. I've never been to Greenwich Mean Time before.


Blogger Sally said ... (05:07) : 

Fantastic idea, and execution. Good capture of place.


Blogger Louise said ... (06:30) : 

Great idea, neat shot ham. This place always fascinates me, as does the concept of time and its measurement.


Blogger Pierre said ... (06:57) : 

Excellent! Who hasn't done that when wisiting Greenwhich...


Blogger Felicia said ... (07:57) : 

Well done in every respect!


Blogger Lavender Lady said ... (08:05) : 

How clever!


Blogger Ame said ... (08:44) : 

WOW...COOOOL HAM! I never knew where time I DOOO! I have both my feet firmly planted in Santa Clara...well, not so firmly at the moment...hehehehe...Have a good one and I'll TRY to remember to get on the "theme wagon" next many things to little braaaain! LOL! =)


Blogger midnitebara said ... (09:07) : 

Looks cold just like akita.
I am already late but better late than not greeting you at all.

Congratulations on London DP's first anniversary !! Keep the pictures coming !

enjoy the weekend!


Blogger edwin s said ... (10:07) : 

nice and clean. I love it!


Blogger chris.h. said ... (12:02) : 

Nice one Ham....great idea. I promise if I ever visit I will NOT take a photo like that!!!


Anonymous Pamela said ... (14:20) : 

Very artistic. So that's what the medidian line looks like now, since it was moved from the Canary Islands. :)


Blogger dutchie said ... (14:33) : 

That is an excellent picture for this theme!


Anonymous isabella said ... (14:40) : 

Ouch! 2 hemispheres at one must hurt;-)))

Fun photo!


Anonymous zsolt & zannnie said ... (14:46) : 

ohhh very beautiful post about Greenwich....wonderful shot!

zsolt & zannnie


Anonymous ruth said ... (16:07) : 

Ham, your cobbles remind me of my mosaic tiles. Nice photo!


Blogger Susan said ... (02:35) : 

We did the obligatory "straddling the line " shot when we were in Greenwich, but took ours down on the grass, near the playgreound. Yours is a much better photo than ours was! My sister lived in Greenwich for several years and I loved to walk around the area. Gorgeous place.


Blogger Randy said ... (03:23) : 

Very nice shot Ham!


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (06:20) : 

I have a picture of myself standing exactly there too.

Yes, only in London.
My sister is back from London too today!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:27) : 

Gee--I've always wanted to do that.


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