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Sunday, December 17, 2006

They got more than they bargained for....

I saw this crew filming outside my office and headed out with my trusted camera to capture a London moment. Turned out they were an ITV London crew, doing a "vox pop" on people's opinions of the Southbank. They advanced on me and asked what I thought of the monstrous concrete blocks like the IBM building (I've grown kind of fond of them) and whether they should be pulled down and a new hotel/leisure/shopping complex be put up in its place (NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!). I think they may have got opinion than they expected.

Anyone sees the program (going out next year around March time) let me know please.

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Comments on "They got more than they bargained for...."


Blogger Jing said ... (02:18) : 

you shot some shooting people.
interesting view.

have a nice weekend.

shanghai daily photo


Blogger lynn said ... (12:25) : 

You TV star, you. The lady there certainly looks as though your answers tired her, Ham.
Actually, no, not having that; i reckon it's the other way round. The real story is that ITV got a tip-off that Ham, that famous and widely respected daily photo blogger, was in town and they rushed down to interview him (see, she's so relieved they got the scoop). Sparing them a few precious moments of his time, Ham then rushed back to wherever he manages to avoid the paparazzi normally, but not before taking a quick, modest snap for his album.


Blogger Eric said ... (22:22) : 

I really want to see this! I bet THEY did not know they would appear on the fanciest London blog did they?!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:24) : 

he he......I like the script, lynn!


Blogger Girl on A Train said ... (15:09) : 

I love the South Bank! Even the crappy IBM Building - I strangely like the big sign of IBM it has on the front. It kind of feels important. Perhaps they could put a modernised glass foyer on it like they have with the festival hall?


Blogger Melody said ... (07:20) : 

What a fabulous photo!!!! Just wonderful.


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