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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Mystery

I didn't think I was going to post another in the "Bloghuh?" series. Turns out that I am. On the day that Presibent Bush commits yet more lives to the disaster in Iraq, I bring you a picture of the American Embassy in London.

There are so many mysteries here. From, "why the heck did we get involved?" through to "what do we do now?" The biggest one is "how can such attrocities be perpetrated in our name?" or even "When will we know the truth?" Sure, there was death and destruction with Sadaam in power but at least it was his mess. This is ours.

The photo is in black and white. The problem isn't.

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Comments on "Another Mystery"


Blogger Carol E. said ... (02:58) : 

Amen to your sentiments. Saddam was a creep. 9/11 was horrendous. It has been shown that the two were not connected. I am disgusted and ashamed.


Anonymous Cristina said ... (04:36) : 

Yes, it's a mystery, isn't it? With the ascendancy of Bush II there was a pandemic of patriotism that spread across the US. It was very strange--something didn't feel right about it. Many in power are there as a result of the exploitation of our own fears and weaknesses--not that patriotism is always a bad thing. Right now, it seems that we're living in a scene of The Emperor's New Clothes--plenty of people are noticing that the emperor is naked, but what happens next?


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:46) : 

..but perhaps not a mystery that this is not the first Bloghuh to question exactly what is going on with this fiasco.

Good post.


Blogger lynn said ... (09:31) : 

No mystery really. Blair wanted the legend of being best mates with Bush and naively thinking they could blast their way in there playing Lady Bountiful and come out victorious heroes. Backfired big time. Solution: none. Damage is done but getting Blair out of power yesterday would be a good start, employing damage limitation strategy. Bush too but that's not our direct problem.


Blogger Bob said ... (12:43) : 

When I first moved to London from the States, I was surprised that policemen carried no weapons.

Then I took a walk to the American Embassy. Not just guns, but men in Kevlar vests and automatic machine guns. Sadly, after living in NY on 9/11, I found this to be the norm.

And now we're sending 20k more boys with guns to fight a battle that, most likely, cannot be won.

Quelle monde.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:06) : 

Nic - did this blog possibly strike you as rather like some of the squeeze lyrics do for me - starting with a single line and the rest built on that? ;-)


Anonymous Helen said ... (13:31) : 

Try walking up and down Whitehall, Bob. You will see many police officers, heavily armed and not necessarily in control of their weapons.

Is this now becoming a comment blog not a London picture one? The BBC and the Guardian produce comments of that kind by the dozen.


Blogger Ham said ... (15:07) : 

== Is this now becoming a comment blog not a London picture one? ==

Nope. It's a London picture and this post was definitely picture led. I had to work to make a black & white picture that wasn't quite black and white. I'm not that happy with the final result, but somehow that seems appropriate as well.

Any and all views and comments are acceptable here.

For the record, my view is apolitical - it's a bloody mess.


Blogger lynn said ... (15:46) : 

Your photos are great Ham. The fact that they sometimes provoke comment and debate is incidental and a bonus in my view. My motivation for coming here is always the photos which bring back so many memories for me. See your point about not quite black & white!


Blogger Susan said ... (17:51) : 

Your photo is very apropriate for such a dismal matter.


Blogger ~tanty~ said ... (20:08) : 

I totally agree with you Ham. USA is out to dominate the world, they want cheap oil and they do not want any regimes in power that dont agree with their kind of rule.
I like the B&W photo by the way.


Blogger Michael said ... (20:35) : 

An excellent post Ham and I love your sign off. Well said and great photo too! I spent way too much time in that Embassy having paperwork done when I lived there so it brought back a couple of memories.


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (22:38) : 

Amen to that.
Well, actually, I'd rather our men weren't going to that... but, if someone signs up for the army they (or their relatives) can't be too surprised when they end up dead.

If no-one wanted to fight there would be no war.

I'm surprised that there isn't more noise and demos against the continued waste of out tax £ out there. £5 billion and counting.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:44) : 

What's the big mystery? Shrub doesn't care about the American people any more than he cares about the Iraqis (hello New Orleans). The administration is dominated by oil interests and most of them have made out like bandits from the war. None of their kids are dying in the war and they are making enormous profits from it all. I disagree that the aim is cheap oil. Certainly control of oil (very little of the oil from the Gulf goes to the US) is very important though. The price of oil has risen drastically since the invasion, and considering oil company's profits in the last few years, that suits them well. A lot of it might have been keeping the dollar instead of the euro as the standard unit of oil sales. The dollar has already fallen enough lately without losing that.

It is also called "starving the beast". They have been trying to kill off fairly popular programs like social security and welfare and public broadcasting for years. If all the money ends up at the Pentagon instead, nobody has to be the bad guy voting to kill them off then.

Surprising in a way, 2006 was one of the very few elections in American history that was driven by foreign policy and Shrub (and Cheney, who is probably actually running a lot of it) have completely ignored that. I guess that's the problem with the US being a republic and not a democracy.

I suppose the question of why Blair bought into it all, well, that is a mystery.


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