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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bit windy lately

It really was windy in London this week. When I saw this deceased umbrella, it struck me that it was such a versatile "rorschach blot" type shape. Looks a bit like a cave painting or a bullfight, maybe an ultra modern chair. What can you see? Oh alright, you want more links about rorschach... including a test you can take? OK.

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Blogger Season said ... (00:33) : 

I see something similar to The Corpse Bride, a photo very in the style of Tim Burton, jejeje. Of any way, it's wonderful. Thanks for all your photos, are brilliant.


Blogger lynn said ... (11:08) : 

I see a crib on legs with the baby (the pale bit) sitting up and forwards, wielding some sort of stick he or she has a) been able to find and b) has freakish strength to hold and wave around.
Love this idea for a shot, Ham.


Anonymous NiC said ... (11:28) : 


...definiteley a cave painting of a bison with spears protuding....


Blogger Ame said ... (14:57) : 

COOOOOOL SHOT HAM! And I see a little smiling white Maltese doggy in a black baby carriage (sans wheels!) holding a fireplace poker...not sure what to make of all the spikey black sticks tho!

HEY HAM! You DO know about the DP Frolic I'm organizing no doubt....any suggestions for a good place to have it there in your kneck of the woods?

We're booking our flights today and need to start thinking about hotels with restaurants/pubs in or nearby...and somewhere easy for all the DPers who'll be commuting in for the fun!

Let me know...I'll probably be racking your brain a LOT in the next few weeks...if you'll let me!



Blogger Gail's Man said ... (17:37) : 

It is an ex umbrella. It has ceased to be. It has gone to the great raincloud in the sky.


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