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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ede & Ravenscroft

Back in the 17th Century, Cromwell led his zero-haired roundhead army against the long haired cavaliers. When the dust had settled, what better way to bridge the differences than to put all judges in wigs? Well, we still do it, and Ede & Ravenscroft in Chancery Lane is the place to get them - they have been making them since the 17th Century.

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Blogger Ame said ... (06:23) : 

OMG HAM! What a neat historical tidbit...wondered just where those came from! Should I put this on my list of places to visit when I'm there in April? =)


Blogger ems said ... (08:19) : 

I love these little places. A true indicator to the history of the area you are in.


Blogger ems said ... (08:29) : 

This was a well-timed photo - just read the wigs may be on their way out for civil cases. Article here .


Blogger Lisi said ... (08:46) : 

they still do the whole costumes (silk) and wig thing in HK's court, even after the turnover...


Blogger lynn said ... (09:39) : 

You're here in April Ame? Great!

Oh Ham this brings many memories to me. Personally because this is my own surname (Ede)and because some years ago i was a barristers' clerk to six barristers in Middle Temple Lane. I ran the chambers, negotiated fees with solicitors, made the decisions as to which barrister would get the brief from solicitors (barristers do not speak directly to solicitors about instruction/payment; clerks must be the go-between. Likewise barristers do not see the public directly and must go through solicitors every time) and accompanied them to court. This was where i would order the attire required for them. Because of my name, (no connection that i know of) i always got good service! It was a time of great interest to me steeped in heavy tradition and very quirky indeed. Ooh i could tell you much more, but i might find myself in a legal tangle! Tales, tales... lol. Thanks for this pic!


Blogger Chris & Deb said ... (18:57) : 

Before seeing this photo I never stopped to consider where judges buy pieces.
Now I know!


Blogger Felicia said ... (19:55) : 

So cool! I imagine that the wigs keep their heads warm - they look so thick!


Blogger Dsole said ... (21:01) : 

I think this things are so funny, sorry if that bothers you!

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Anonymous Denise LeCroy said ... (02:16) : 

Fascinating. I am an American Legal Secretary and tea lover. I am bringing a small group of like-minded American tea lovers to London in March for a tea-oriented tour.

I am married to a Brit and lived in London for 2 years. Have seen the Old Bailey, although never attended a trial there (it's on my list of things to do, but only as an observer, of course!) :-)

After seeing this little tidbit about Ede & Ravens, I'm thinking how I might put together a quick little Legal London tour someday. I know that not only the attorneys at my firm would find a place like this interesting, but also the paralegals, legal secretaries, etc.

I've bookmarked your blog and will send the link to my tea travelers so they can enjoy your London Daily Photo.


Tea Lover Denise


Blogger scouter573 said ... (04:32) : 

Quite a coincidence! We were just there... And where were you on the morning of 27 December, Mr. Ham????


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