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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Great Pyramids of Paddington


Cheops, eat your heart out. I do get a kick on those occasions I see things that you might miss. I was in Paddington Gardens for The Way We See It and saw these huts and immediately I knew what my blog post title was going to be. Posted by Picasa

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Comments on "The Great Pyramids of Paddington"


Blogger Ujima said ... (06:30) : 

Hysterical! I *love* them!


Anonymous Chris said ... (08:30) : 

You've got a great eye for a picture, Ham, and a great sense of humour, to boot! That's why I keep a widget on my desktop showing the daily pic from LDP.


Blogger Eric said ... (08:40) : 

Excellent! OK the building in the background does not exactly look like Egypt but...


Blogger lynn said ... (09:51) : 

he he well spotted! How topical for me; i was looking at the Paddington area just last night and this morning (job), clicked on to you and there it is! It takes 2 hours and 10 mins on the train from where i am. Hmm... too long? Can't decide. What do you reckon Ham? Give me your considered opinion do.


Blogger Ham said ... (11:28) : 

chris - thanks!

eric - a mere technicality

Lynne - unless it pays well or you only have to travel up once a week, I'd think twice. I used to have a colleague who commuted from Bath - the way he managed it (apart from being well paid) was to get in promt and leave at 5, but that was in the days before working at home was an option. I also have worked down your way from time to time - the journey can be dreadful.


Anonymous Toni Bra said ... (11:29) : 

Very nice and interesant blog, from Cocentain


Blogger SheyMouse said ... (13:10) : 

I love photos which contain a bit of wit, like this one. They make me smile.


Blogger lynn said ... (13:28) : 

hmm ok that's useful Ham. Doesn't sound too much fun then as journalism doesn't pay hugely! You should give me a call for a coffee if you're in this area!


Blogger Dave said ... (14:05) : 

Just give it some time and there will be building behind the real Pyramids!!!!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (15:09) : 

Love them Ham! That tree would be massive if they were to scale!!

Is it me or does the little one look a lot like the temple thing out of The Mummy Returns? You know the one surrounded by the killer monkeys? Just me?

Have you seen the pagoda style flats Ham?


Anonymous Pamela said ... (23:16) : 

Awe, fantastic find Ham. :)


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