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Monday, January 15, 2007

Les Rosbifs

I do hope the French enjoy being called "frogs" as much as I enjoy being called "rosbif". Allow me to present to you the roast beef of Old England. Sunday roasts are a great tradition, and this rib of beef was in my kitchen on Sunday (actually, it was last week I had everyone round). Roast beef and yorkshire pudding, with the potatoes cooked under the meat. Is there a better meal? I doubt it.

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Blogger Susan said ... (00:59) : 

Still one of my favorites. But now half my family is vegitarian, not something we have too often.


Blogger lynn said ... (09:49) : 

Fantastic. By far my favourite roast and that's some oven you have there! Normally of course we would put the roasties (the potatoes) around the meat, but you were obviously feeding the five thousand so this wouldn't have been possible. So the juices drip straight onto the pots. Mmmm! Carnivores delight, veggies must be a bit green this morning. LOVE it, Ham. What do we have do for an invitation? ;) Yummy.


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (10:00) : 

hey, save some and post it here to Singapore!

it's almost dinner time now, i am hungry...


Blogger Meg in Nelson said ... (10:27) : 

Do you have a tiny oven? Because if not, that's like... half a cow!


Blogger Holly & Scolly said ... (10:55) : 

Mmmm yum, that looks nice!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14) : 

Wow, Ham, what a sparkling clean oven! I certainly wouldn't want to publish a photo of mine on the internet! My house is pretty spotless but I just can't keep the oven clean. Is yours brand new? And, yes, it looks like half a cow to me, Meg in Nelson...


Blogger lynn said ... (13:25) : 

It's not his, Anonymous, i reckon this is the local showroom, complete with plastic roast in the window! He's just a show-off, probably with a microwave roast box for dinner tonight, he's fooling us, the SWINE, as Russell Brand would say. Either that, or he's just updated his kitchen after years of asking by his dear, devoted wife and Miss Ham and he's so proud of it that he's photo'd the first meal. Yes, i've lived with men before. he he i'm mischievous today.


Blogger Ham said ... (15:13) : 

Alright, I'll 'fess up. This lump of beef was not from last Sunday, but this one, I just thought the rib was a tad more photogenic. Family group scoffing it if you are interested.

My oven does look like that - it's Neff with a "bio" cleaning option. Works by heating a little water and detergent gently, you then wipe off dirt. About six years old and I've never used oven cleaner. Also, because of its efficiency I roast around 20 degrees less than normal fan ovens, which keeps everything cleaner.

BTW this is MY kitchen, I do all the cooking chez Ham.


Blogger lynn said ... (16:18) : 

gosh is all i can say and wow you do all the cooking and golly the cleaning too. Goodness Ham what a lovely, happy family scene too. Great to see that; happy new year family Ham! I've run out of superlatives now so i'll just say thanks for the update.


Blogger lynn said ... (19:15) : 

Oh no! I've just realised that by encouraging you into posting extensions today, i have lost the bet. Your family photo was a christmas one. Doh. You're in front then on the 'post the last christmas shot' thing. I cooked my own .. er... beef then. Sly but well done Ham.


Blogger ems said ... (20:06) : 

I'm with anonymous on this one - my oven is not for the squeamish! That's a good looking piece of beef.


Blogger Gerald England said ... (14:52) : 

Before reading the other comments I was going to say -- you must be going to feed an army with a joint that big -- having seem the family pic I see that you ARE feeding an army!


Anonymous Oya said ... (20:21) : 

I have'nt seen such a big roastbeef in my life. Bon Apetite...


Blogger miss tango in her eyes said ... (14:25) : 

Either you have a very small oven, or you have the whole entire cow in your oven! The Argentines would really appreciate this vision.


Anonymous mulberry outlet said ... (13:51) : 

that looks nice!

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