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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mornington Crescent


After yesterday's pyramids, today I have to show you the Egyptian inspired Art Deco building that is Greater London House in Hampstead Road(it used to be called "Black Cat House", where Black Cat cigarettes were manufactured). It is one of the finest deco buildings but far enough from the normal track to be missed by many.

The observant among you will notice that it is also just by Mornington Crescent, which has to be the cue for a game in the comments box. We will be playing be the Eton rules, and stations without Oyster readers are wild. Those that don't know the rules will have to research them for themselves or just pick them up as it goes along.

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Comments on "Mornington Crescent"


Blogger Ham said ... (01:35) : 

I'll start the game here. Nice and easy, no controversy, the Tunbridge Gambit: Ealing Broadway.


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (08:04) : 

Goodge Street, Earl's Court.

Nice building by the way.


Anonymous Chris said ... (08:11) : 

Sorry, Ham, have to declare you offside here. That was going to be my move and you pinched it. Never mind, I'll go for Paddington.


Blogger Ham said ... (08:32) : 

Chris, you will find if you check that there were two stations between me and the northboud line, so no offside.

So I don't get caught in the one way trap, Westminster


Blogger Peter said ... (08:53) : 

Tactical diversion to Turnham Green as its on both Picadilly and District lines.


Anonymous NiC said ... (09:08) : 

I'm afraid i don't go in for any of these clever tactics (Turnham Green indeed!), I'll just stick to my usual obvious moves (which means avoing anything central or indeed Central whilst never going South of the river this time of the morning)... thus Turnpike Lane. Hah!


Blogger paul said ... (09:45) : 

Due to snow on the line. today, the Fosbridge addedum applies:
Chiswick Park


Blogger lynn said ... (10:48) : 

Ah, surely that's a double huff, Paul, but i will not be fooled. Instead i shall employ the E-T rule of 1963 and go to Fenchurch Street.


Blogger Ham said ... (11:08) : 

Cunning, cunning. Last time I saw that move was in the Oslo final in 1994. Well, the Williams Convention (as amended) clearly states that I have to declare any dogleg siding or loose the shuttle. So: dogleg siding arriving - Epping!

Pick the bones out of that, then.


Blogger bloggorazzi said ... (11:54) : 

It's got to be Arnos Grove then. I was wondering about Collier's Wood but I think this is a little more elegant.


Blogger Peter said ... (12:35) : 

Bloggorazzi - I didn't think you could do that under the Williams Convention - but I'm sure you're right. I can't keep up with all the finer points of the rules these days.

In which case I'll play East Putney.


Anonymous NiC said ... (12:47) : 

For all this talk of the Oslo final, the Williams and Fosbridge (ammended) Conventions this looks to me very much like the classic 1914 Christmas Truce match (though presumably without the Maginot Line)... hence I'll have to go for Gunnersbury.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:03) : 

On Ides, Nones and Pridie Nones "en passant" is allowed, so Osterley looks safe to me.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:08) : 

(If anyone is having problems following the gameplay, the tube map can be found here:


Blogger paul said ... (14:27) : 

Normally this would be a shoe-in for a play of the Twittersley-Konnisberg strategy outlined in McHuffington's '42 edition, but I will take a gamble and pursue a more avant-gardist line. Hnece: Pudding Mill Lane


Blogger lynn said ... (15:00) : 

Though it appears the obvious move at first, when used in the vein of Thompson-Kemble's classic win of 78, I'm going for Sloane Square. I'm confident the rest of you will then lead me to win.


Blogger bloggorazzi said ... (15:41) : 

Not if I call New Cross Gate as a straddle, so here goes

"I'm straddling New Cross Gate."


Blogger Peter said ... (15:52) : 

Enough of this - in for the kill...

St James Park


Blogger Ham said ... (15:57) : 

Nice try Pete, but you have fallen in to the trap, I think you will find that is a wasted move - you have forgotten that stations without Oyster readers are wild, so, the perfect counter: Manor Park (Counts for a triple, too)


Blogger lynn said ... (16:04) : 

Triple only counts, Ham, unless it's followed up by the Parks Position which must be made within ten minutes. Thereby negating your triples. Since i am within that time, i qualify and therefore play -
Green Park.


Anonymous NiC said ... (16:18) : 

Except, since it's just before sunset, your RoyalParks Position allows me access to South Kensington.... get out of that if you can!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:03) : 

... and with a leap onto the DLR, I say "Canary Wharf"!!!


Blogger lynn said ... (17:44) : 

Damn, Nic i so forgot the sunset thing! I'm going to risk something here then, eek, and go for Marble Arch. Think i'm safe with that (do you have the latest edition of Etiquette at Mornington Crescent, Nic? I could lend it to you if you'd like...)


Blogger Peter said ... (17:54) : 

Now, you'll recall at the Oslo final there were alegations of cheating because of "misunderstandings" of the Williams and Fosbridge (ammended) Conventions and it nearly ended in disaster. Eventually it all ended amicably, but let's not fall not the same trap here eh? So, I'm going to play safe, but a little creativly I think....


Blogger Ham said ... (18:24) : 

There's always ONE who knows all the rules, isn't there? I'm a bit concerned that there has been one straddle already in this round, but I'm sure I can still deploy the tartan dosey-doe I was holding in reserve, so with the conjunction of East London Line and Jubilee (as long as the moon is still in Orion) I'm going to play..... Rotherhithe!!


Anonymous NiC said ... (18:36) : 

Have I read the latest edition of MC Etiquette?
No, but as my old grandma (Ladies (do you remember when it was a game divided by sex, no neither do I) All England Mornington Crescent Coach 1910-1915) used to say "You can't do Mornie (she used to call it Mornie) from that book-learnin' stuff.... it has to come from the soul, deep within the very heart of you!"

Still, maybe a copy might be of use... I'm getting a little lost here today. Even so, I'm going to hazard a guess that Pete's "safe" Pimlico is actually an attempt at a bog-standard Slamdunk.. thus I'll block it with Dollis Hill (" can never go far wrong with Dollis Hill said my Old grandma....."


Anonymous NiC said ... (18:37) : 

Rats..took so long thinking about that move Ham beat me with a better one.... so much for playing from the heart!



Blogger Gerald England said ... (21:40) : 

Coming in a bit late here so Kings Cross/St Pancras it was the wrong kind of snow on the line.


Anonymous NiC said ... (21:42) : 

...just when I thought I was in for the kill too. So another tack.

And another track to boot....Mansion House!


Blogger Peter said ... (22:14) : 

Thanks for that Nic, it's getting late now so ....
Elephant & Castle
(you know Ham loves elephants!)

and as it's a terminus on a perpendicular it's treble points under Eton Rules!


Blogger lynn said ... (22:16) : 

Ok I've been waiting to be able to play this one, as i was born there (well not on the track, clearly, but..) Now that Mansion House has been played, it is the only time that High Barnet can be played, as you all know, so i'm sneaking in quickly with it - HIGH BARNET. Phew!


Blogger lynn said ... (22:18) : 

Peter.. are you sure it's a triple? What about Nic's previous double huff. Doesn't that negate it?


Blogger Peter said ... (22:34) : 

yep - def a triple
"Rule 3(a).1.viii - Calling a terminus station on a perpendicular to a line parallel to the line of the preceeding move earns the player triple points."


Blogger Ham said ... (22:38) : 

Lynn, unless it was a Kitten Huff (which should never be done in public) it still counts.

I think High Barnet was Roman Blackwood, and suggests to me that you are probably holding Oakwood and Colindale which makes any Suburban Gambit dangerous.

Getting very tense here, relatively few options open. I'll have to choose the least worst option..... Baker Street.


Blogger lynn said ... (23:12) : 

Alright then Ham, i bow to your superior knowledge. In that case, you leave me little choice but to go for ...
Warren Street. Shaking in your shoes now, Ham, i bet.


Blogger Peter said ... (23:12) : 

Ha ha. I think you fell for it Ham and from there I can safely say

Mornington Cresent!


Blogger Ham said ... (23:28) : 

Ah yes, a worthy winner, kudos. Well played, everybody.


Blogger lynn said ... (00:01) : 

Oh Peter you crept in there, i really didn't see that coming. Well done. What a fun game that was, thoroughly enjoyed it and there were some stiff opponents weren't there.
Thanks for that Ham. Let us know if Peter reached any sort of record will you, when you tot it up?


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:28) : 

Rats... I couldn't stay up late enough :(

But congratulations to Peter, well played sir. Well played to all others too, a thoroughly enjoying and challenging game of Mornie... thanks Ham :)


Blogger Ame said ... (10:05) : 

WTH? Geeeeeeeez, thanks Lynn...never felt more ostracized in my entire LIFE! LOL! ;)


Blogger Ham said ... (11:35) : 

Ame, did you find the game rules confusing?

The gameplay standard was very high indeed - impressive safety play, Nic obviously has a great tradition in his family. (although it does sound as he may be related to Dame Edna)

I have put the scores into the standard assessment spreadsheet, and as I have registered LDP with Mornington Central, the score will count to your ranking.

1st - Peter - 73 Imp. Pts.
Joint 2nd - Lynn & Nic - 43 Imp. Pts.
3rd - Bloggerazzi - 30 Imp. Pts.
All other players - 29 Imp Pts and a hearty well done.


Blogger Peter said ... (12:20) : 

Thanks Ham, a great game. Can I ask - does that earn me a coveted LDP postcard? ;-)


Blogger Ham said ... (12:33) : 

Heck, yes! eMail me your address and it shall be thine


Anonymous Mrs Trellis said ... (12:39) : 

This is not what I pay my license fee for, and three pounds of potatoes please. I particularly liked the tartan jock strap.


Blogger Peter said ... (13:17) : 

Mrs Trellis, Good to hear from you I hoped you enjoyed the game as much as we did.

Ham, sorry my email address is broken so I wondered how Samantha was positioned for the next few days and if she could pop it round to me? (I assume Samantha was operating your spreadsheet to do the scoring?)


Blogger lynn said ... (13:52) : 

Yey Nic we did quite well! How exciting.
Ame; it does take a little while to master the rules, etc., but once in it's a great game. Strategy based, it's a real mind stretcher. Glad you popped in to see anyway. Perhaps join in next time. You just have to find another pic excuse, Ham, for another round.


Anonymous NiC said ... (14:00) : 

Indeed we did Lynn. 43 points would have won us most games these days....just our luck to be up against a Grand Master (5th Dan?) such as Peter. Dame Edna? Well maybe.. there is an antipodean branch to the family not fully explored (and obviously they'd play inverted Ozzie rules MC down there anyway)

Ame, don't feel intimidated by all our pschycological bluffing talk... the basics are pretty straightforward really. Do join in next time. :)


Blogger Sally said ... (13:32) : 

ame, it's a nice little time- filler - like decades - til the next win in the cricket.


Blogger Sally said ... (14:30) : 

Have you played Wikington Crescent?

Round Pond to MC (the game) in 6 moves


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