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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Mystery

In one part of the wider non-photo led blogosphere, a small corner has been turned over to Bloghuh? - a communual blog on the mysteries of life and the universe. I thought I would join in.

This picture tells a London story - but what story? Why would a pink teddy bear end it all in Euston Centre - a place so dismal and anonymous you can hardly find it on a map? Failure in love or business? Jetisoned after years of care as a result of adolescence? Was the colour pink fearfully significant? The puddle was shallow - maybe it was just a cry for help gone terribly, terribly wrong? The mystery is profound.

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Why not join in bloghuh yourself?

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Comments on "The Mystery"


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (08:44) : 

*wants to adopt the lost teddy*


Blogger Mr.D. said ... (08:53) : 



Blogger lynn said ... (10:06) : 

Pink could well be the significant factor here. Is it a girl or a boy desperate to come out but couldn't face it? I think it's a girl, myself. As usual, the culpable catalyst is a man. He's done the dirty yet again, she couldn't take another moment being pushed around by him and his errant ways. Ah, but think a moment, she is some way from the edge of the puddle. Perhaps they were arguing, he pushed her (violence has raised its ugly head in their relationship more than once before), she tripped, banged her soft, pretty pink head, lost consciousness and drowned. He panicked and ran. He's probably sitting reading this right now, brown furry head (yes i feel it's brown, which is why he wasn't spotted under cover of night)in paws, worried that we're all getting a bit too close to the truth...


Blogger Ham said ... (12:09) : 

I've had a chat with him.... it was the demon drink wot led him to bruin.


Blogger lynn said ... (12:45) : 

Really? but who is HE? Old pinky here, or the brownly haired one tortured by guilt? Do tell.


Blogger breadchick said ... (13:17) : 

Ham! You crack me up... Great picture and if I had to traipse through Euston Centre on any regularity, I think I would take a leap off the pram and into the "drink" as well.


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (14:22) : 

I've worked it out... it's a staged photo and it's really Ham's teddy :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:03) : 

Oh dear poor teddy! He went to the hair dressers and only realised that the hairdresser had turned him pink all over when he saw his reflection in the puddle! As he tried to get a better look he toppled over and due to his *ahem* significant weight, coudln't right himself! Ham I hope you helped?!!

Kit xx


Blogger City Slicker said ... (16:07) : 

It's a shame nobody pointed him in the way of the British Library. Their current London Maps exhibition would have sorted him out!

I guess the nose doesn't always know best after all.


Anonymous jean said ... (17:17) : 

I intended to write a comment today as it is over a year since I wrote to you about starting a city photo blog. It has been great fun and I wanted to say a big "thank you". Well, what do I discover you have another direction and I am thinking of coming aboard. You must stop with these temptations or I will never have a real life.


Anonymous ruth said ... (17:43) : 

I can't tell if Teddy's feet are wicking the water or if he's been through this type of abuse before . . . looks a bit worn. But I'm guessing he's wicking. Speaking of wiki (was I?), have you been to the Teddy Bear museum in Hampshire? Just read about it at wiki . . .


Blogger Ham said ... (01:52) : 

Lynn - sorry I was lying, I didn't really speak to him.

BW - are you accusing me of teddy cruelty? for shame

Kit - it was all toooooo late

City slicker - your probably right, I think this bear was in the woods and trying to use shat-nav

Jean- sorry!

Ruth - not that one, but others over the years. Somewhere I have an erudite medical pamphlet on the diseases of Brunus Edwardii

All - thanks for the smiles, I really needed them today!


Blogger lynn said ... (09:36) : 

Really Ham? I'm cut to the quick.


Blogger Chad Oneil said ... (06:21) : 

Very interesting image.

I stumbled upon your blog. Hello from Florida!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:27) : 

I found this bunny i have 20 pics of it . I picked him up. He is fine. he is happy


Blogger miss tango in her eyes said ... (14:27) : 



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