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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Visiting London

Look! nothing to steal! This parisian driver has fitted in well to London life and knows how to look after his property. A Range Rover just out of shot had its rear window smashed.

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Blogger lynn said ... (01:35) : 

Interesting idea. Should we walk around with our pockets turned out and transparent handbags i wonder? Bit of a sad state of affairs isn't it. Does it say that this owner was used to theft in Paris or has heard about it in London?


Blogger Chad Oneil said ... (03:33) : 

That thing is so cool! I would love to visit London and ride that thing through the streets. It would be an experience I would never forget.


Blogger Ame said ... (05:36) : 

WOW! FUN INDEED! Maybe we should rent a few of these when we're there they rent them out? And more importantly, would I be taking my own life in my hands? LOL! ;)


Blogger lynn said ... (14:23) : 

Again i say Ham, i bet you're thinking what i'm thinking. lol


Blogger don said ... (15:11) : 

nice nice with the traffic problems ity is handy


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (15:25) : 

Is it me or is that thing missing the front tyre?


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (15:28) : 

I can just imagine someone wheeling a tyre around going 'Hah! They think they will steal my motorbike/two wheeled contraption, they are in for a surprise!'


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (17:35) : 

I bet when he/she came back, it was full of rubbish!


Anonymous ex-cockney in the USA said ... (01:49) : 

Anyone tell me what this is? Is it something that is a one-off custom job or is it actually sold like that? Maybe point me to a web site? Cheers!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:18) : 

ex-cockney, it's a BMW C1.


Blogger Kim said ... (09:03) : 

Ah, I remember now he said it wasn't an Italian make. So, it's German scooter. I would sure love that bubble top and windshield here in Seattle! Great for anywhere it rains. And those little fat tires look like they could take on cobblestones with ease. The boot is the clincher. What a well thought out vehicle. My husband just took a look at it and commented that if we can't get entirely off fossil fuels, this is a good alternative to a car.
So, did he take it on a ferry or drive it through the chunnel?


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