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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Bloomsbury Set

There's not much left to see of the haunts of the Bloomsbury Set: those Bohemian artists who made such an impact to Edwardian London and the world - Virigina Wolff? John Maynard Keynes ? (yes, that one). However, when I was going down Tavistock Place at No. 22 I saw this mosaic, now gracing the step for the fire exit of one ofthe dubious hotels that line the street now. I could just see the shadow of the people who decided to put it there - I hope you can.

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Comments on "The Bloomsbury Set"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:23) : 

Lovely mosaic, but I can't see any shadow (just the bicycle). Can anybody else see it? Nice bit of history, though.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:28) : 

Lovely to see the modern bike on one side and the old boot mudscfaper on t'other. Wonderful.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:29) : 

...the mosaic's not bad either!


Blogger lynn said ... (10:13) : 

Shadow, what shadow?
and dubious, Ham, take cover when one of them reads this!

I love the mudscraper too but i hate the bike being there. I hope you are not guilty of that young Ham, it'll ruin that wonderful piece of artwork, constantly parked in the same place. Wear from shoes and boots is expected but this is unnecessary in my view. What a beautiful piece it is too, i love it. Thanks for this great shot Ham. Now tell us about that shadow.. Exactly how long have you been seeing these 'shadows'? ;)


Blogger Celine said ... (22:10) : 

What beautiful work... a lot of time and care was put into creating it. I think I know what you mean about shadows. I hope others who pass stop and appreciate it as you have allowed us to, Ham.


Anonymous Jackie said ... (13:41) : 

Good shot - what a great find!


Blogger Ham said ... (09:10) : 

Lynn, =my= bike was underneath me at the time, helping me to get the angle on this shot.

I could have taken a wider shot of the faded glory of this Georgian terrace, in fact I may well try to do a moody b&w shot sometime.


Blogger blueboat said ... (21:56) : 

that's gorgeous, I've stayed around bloomsbury so many times now on work visits and I've never seen this - I must take a detour next trip!


Blogger The Greenwich Phantom said ... (18:18) : 

I adore these pics. I always liked the mosaic step outside the Thames and Hudson offices in Bloomsbury (not entirely sure of the address - I think they've moved as they're in High Holborn now. Gower St rings a bell) which had a black and white representation of the double fish design. I daresay it's still there but not nearly as fine as this...


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