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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Desolation Alley

London used to be full of car breakers: places you could go to clamber over a pile of cars four high to find that elusive bit of trim or pipework to repair your car with. These days, they have either been Health & Safety'd or priced out of existence. Shame really, because it was recycling at its most efficient.

This breakers yard is just inside the M25, near Dartford.

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Comments on "Desolation Alley"


Anonymous Pamela said ... (01:24) : 

What a memory: I must have spent hours and hours of my youth, wandering around places like this looking for bits for boyfriends' cars. Heck, the cars probably came from the breakers and only cost them a tenner in the first place. :)


Blogger Ame said ... (04:31) : 

Nice story-telling all the different colors and juxtapositions of metal! ;) Good one HAM!


Blogger lynn said ... (10:46) : 

Oooh Pamela me too! Boyfriends, my brother and my Dad who has been into cars all his life. For my own cars too (I started off with an A35 costing a fiver) oh it was fun actually. Shame we can't get in anymore. Mind you, children can't throw snowballs either just in case they hurt themselves and oranges, well they're a dangerous fruit aren't they, they might choke on those lethal pips and everything. Don't get me started...


Blogger Jazzy said ... (14:06) : 

wow, what a site, great shot Ham.


Blogger Gata said ... (14:55) : 

The vehicle in the front looks like one of those old cameras!


Blogger Chuckeroon said ... (16:23) : 

Now that's a real London Photo! Onle the two Rotweilers are missing!


Blogger Zsolt72 said ... (18:40) : 

its incredible...


Anonymous Cathy said ... (21:30) : 

I thought I'd see snow in your photo today.


Blogger Eric said ... (23:19) : 

I don't why I have always been attracted to car breakers yards. When I was young there was one inside Paris (Pont du Garigliano) and I would stop almost everyday on my way home from school to have a look at the broken cars.

I know, it's weird!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:44) : 

Surprising that seemed to stike a chord with as many people as it has. It wasn't just me, then.

Chuckeroon - the dogs are there but out of shot, barking at my backside.

cathy - the snow wasn't there when I posted that!


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