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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Theme Day - What annoys me about London

Today's worldwide daily photo theme is "What annoys you in your city". For me, it is London house prices. How on earth can anyone afford to live here now? Look at the numbers - average London salary - £42,000. Average London property - £352,000. It simply doesn't add up. The pictures and hte prices are from my local area, nothing special, nothing affordable. My first two bedroom flat here cost £20,000 when I was earning £6,500. Now, you can see one bedroom flats starting at £225,000. It just isn't fair.

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Comments on "Theme Day - What annoys me about London"


Blogger lynn said ... (23:34) : 

Ridiculous isn't it Ham. Having moved from the South to the Midlands, i often why there's anyone left down there! There are expensive areas where i live of course, but unless it's the best part of Cheltenham, houses are much more affordable. As you point out, London salaries do not reflect what you have to pay. Exactly how DO you all survive? Beats me.


Anonymous denton said ... (02:41) : 

At present, the cost of housing is leading many people to sell their homes in large cities, retire, and move to small towns.


Blogger slinger said ... (06:48) : 

I'm soon to purchase my second home....I know the feeling all to well here in the United States too.


Blogger Kim said ... (08:35) : 

Great idea for your photo today! Boy, do I hear you, Ham. I'm surprised to see London housing prices a bit lower (factoring exchange rates) than the SF Bay Area housing market we left a year and half ago. High housing prices seem to be a bane the world over.


Blogger Nathalie said ... (09:25) : 

We're on the verge of seeing the same thing happen in Sydney too, Real estate prices take on a life of their own which becomes totally unrelated to real life.


Anonymous Jing said ... (09:36) : 

That is a big big problem here,in Shanghai. It DOES annoy me everyday. For I am so longing for a small apt. here. But the price of the house is out of order!!!

The apt now I rent could sell on RMB400,000. and 6 years ago, its price was only RMB90,000. Terrible, isnt it??
So everyday I am dreaming how to win the lottery. :D



Blogger Olivier said ... (09:58) : 

c'est un probleme recurant dans toutes les grandes villes. pour exemple, si un etudiant veut vivre à Paris, il ne lui reste que les Chambres de bonnes (exemple dans le quartier st michel : 7m2 à 700 €).

it is a problem scouring in all the large cities. for example, if a student wants to live in Paris, there remain to him only the Rooms the maid (example in the district St Michel: 7m2 with 700 €).


Blogger Oya said ... (12:25) : 

Same problem in all big cities. A decent place to live in Istanbul is way far from being "afordable"


Anonymous Pamela said ... (13:40) : 

Recently, on TV here in the Canaries, someone was asking how they could possibly buy a home when the lowest mortgage on a shoebox apartment is at least 1,000 euros and their take home pay is only 800 (and that's good for here). It is a worldwide problem.


Blogger Chris & Deb said ... (14:09) : 

The real estate market has seen a similar turn in Minneapolis over the last 10 years, but recently prices have reduced. I'm thankful we're not trying to buy our first home though! Sounds like first-time buyers in London are out of luck too!


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (14:49) : 

we have read reports about real estate prices in london. my sis in lives in central london and wow is she complaining!


Blogger lynn said ... (16:52) : 

Congratulations Ham you are.... drum roll.... the proud winner of my recent quiz at my Things UK blog! i.e. I was never sick in The Serpentine at Hyde Park. Well thought out, well played, good strategy, points could have been improved... oh sorry i'm back at Mornington aren't i.

Anyway well done. London DP feature on my blog to follow v. soon... you lucky man you.


Blogger Dsole said ... (17:11) : 

That's true!! It's insane, and make me crazy... I'm 25 and looking for my first serius job (for what I studied 6 years) and maybe if I'm lucky i will be paid 1000 euros per month... How can I buy a house? I'll probably live with my parents till I'll be 30... that's what almost everyone does in Spain, and then rent a mini-flat with your partner or whatever, that's really annoying!!


Blogger Ben said ... (19:00) : 

Property price in Nelson is going up quite rapidly in recent years. Some of the retired forks can not afford to pay rate (tax for property), and had to move out. Then, of course they can not afford same comfort in the price they sold previous house.


Anonymous Helen said ... (03:08) : 

I think the prices of housing is rediculous everywhere these days! I am glad we bought our house when we did!


Blogger Sally said ... (04:04) : 

Made harder for those strating out often by enormous debts to pay back related to their education...a teacher in NSw begins on about $45000 a year and already has a $15-20000 university debt.


Blogger Sally said ... (04:05) : 

PS In Sydney average salaries are abiut $55 000, and the median house price is $ 500 000, so I reckon we're there already!


Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said ... (07:26) : 

The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $1 million. But then there are thousands of investment bankers in NYC whose annual bonus alone is $2 million/year.

Once you get out of Manhattan, the price of apartments drop drastically. The further away from Manhattan, the cheaper it gets.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:15) : 

I don't think the average salary in London is 42k. I reckon is just about scratching 30k if not around 28


Blogger angela said ... (18:01) : 

For all people talk about the expensive Cote d'Azur it's cheaper to buy here than most places in the UK let alone London.
Good choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:45) : 

It's like that in all major cities I think, but London is certainly the worst city to be in if you're poor. I'm in New York I've been searching for a 1 Bedroom to rent for over a year. Even the prices in Queens are growing outrageously. Most of my friends, college-educated, heading towards their 30s still have roommates. Real estate prices continue to skyrocket while middle class salaries stay more or less the same. 2006 Goldman Sachs CEO bonus: $53.4 million- wtf!


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