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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happier Times

(Anyone coming here looking for Adam Regis, look two days down for the first post)
About one hundred metres from where fifteen year old Adam Regis' life was brutally ended is this statue of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hirst and Martin Peters. - England's Greatest (ever?) Moment, the '66 world cup. Match days, they are at the heart of the drunken revelry. They are looking the other way from where Adam died. How apposite.

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Comments on "Happier Times"


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:06) : 

Very poignant Ham. I was thinking about the proximity of this statue to the sad murder of Adam Regis t'other day too.

Nice to see the statue at night too, good shot.


Blogger lynn said ... (11:26) : 

Another poignant photo Ham well done. Perhaps some more shots of his local area?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:52) : 

I am not sure what you are implying Ham and forgive me if I am over-reacting but....

Firstly, "Match days are at the heart of drunken revelry" - this is a grotesque and sweeping generalisation to excuse the awful murders of young people on our streets. Further, its almost certainly not true in general and, as far as I can see, not true specifically of the recent cases.

Secondly, "(the England team) are looking the other way from where Adam died". I take it that you are not implying that England footballers are callous per se, but that, in some way, they reflect the attitude of the community at large. The majority of us are horrified and appalled by this recent spate of murders. But that does not mean that we have to take on a sort of collective guilt for the actions of a troubled and confused minority or set up local vigilante groups to take direct action.


Blogger Ham said ... (12:48) : 

Anon, I do forgive you and you are over reacting.

I normally try to be accurate with my language, although it is often written late at night so typos and errors often creep in, not in this case though. Thanks for taking the time to comment, let me answer.

1st - I said "Match days, they (Bobby Moore et al) are at the heart of the drunken revelry" Trust me, they are. The way people drape themselves on and around this group, they seem part of it. This part of the description is about my photo of London landmark, nothing to do with murders.

2nd - The way that they are facing away from where Adam died. A matter of pure coincidence but I said that I think that is apposite (fitting) because I want my readers to think, the way you have, about the larger questions. How easy it is to look away.


Blogger Olive said ... (16:36) : 

Nice connection Ham, I'm a HUGE football fan (rare in Canada), but I think sports stars in General (and perhaps many other figures) sometimes get so carried away with their own fame and fortune that they look away from society's problems. And some of these problems are very directly related to their sport. (I doubt this one was, but in general football hooliganism has caused many deaths)
This is an important reminder of how we should keep our priorities in order.
In fear of anyone attacking me, I have two England jerseys in my closet and the English flag on my window! I am not trying to demean Football (or English football) in any way, just saying there is always room for reflection…


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