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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Salt Beef Sandwich in London

It's harder to get a decent salt beef sandwich in London than it used to be, so when as I find them I'll let you know. This one in a cafe at the junction of Bedfordbury and New Row was OK - I'd recommend, good flavour, quantity and size. Bread was a bit ordinary, and the idea of mustard as a pool by the sde is curious.

Diamond Geezer reminded me of the Beigel bakery (featured previously, where they also serve a decent salt beef sandwich.

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Comments on "Salt Beef Sandwich in London"


Blogger Olive said ... (03:31) : 

I HATE when the bread is thick... That's the most important thing to me in a sandwich. And I agree, the mustard pool is rather curious.


Anonymous Helen said ... (11:27) : 

What do you think of Harry Morgan's salt beef sandwiches?


Blogger Ham said ... (14:18) : 

Ah yes, Harry Morgan. Been there for years, pretty expensive, in all the guidebooks. Used to be excellent. The last one I had there (admittedly years ago) was pretty average.


Blogger Chris Marsh said ... (16:04) : 

As a Brit abroad I have to say I miss any kind of English sandwich - they don't make them quite the same anywhere else! In fact, in one of my recurring dreams I'm walking through a M&S foodhall looking for a good sarnie...I'd better start planning a trip back soon ;)

- chris


Anonymous kit said ... (18:28) : 

i know you know about the beigels but a sandwich...Epping forest! Not in London but still lovely jubly! The cafe window is next to an old pub with a nice playground thing if thjat's good eough directions :-P


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:46) : 

humm looks delicious... next time i'm going to London i swear i'm gone eat one of those thinks...) :):)


Blogger missy said ... (10:45) : 

Oh my god that looks so yummy!Not sure about the gerkin!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:52) : 

There are lots of places you can find excellent salt beef sandwiches, in fact there is a whole restaurant which sells nothing else in Selfridges on Oxford Street, and a 24 hour beigel bakery in Brick Lane which is famous for its huge portions. You're right about the mustard - it should be in the sandwich not on the plate, but Missy, let me tell you that gherkins are amazing with salt beef. Maybe its a London thing, but you should try it



Anonymous hchinvan said ... (04:24) : 

The best is when the beef is well marbled to the point where it just melts in your mouth. I don't understand the mustard - it's not even brown mustard. it is the yellow crap you find in a bottle.


Blogger Martin said ... (22:54) : 

Havent been there for ages but there used to be a place just at the base of Canary Wharf (inside) that did a cracking salt beef sandwich!

I live in sweden now, and have not yet found a single salt beef sandwich anywhere.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:24) : 

There is a cafe down Wanstead high street called Delicataste that does delicious salt beef sandwiches. I recommend it!


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