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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something Fishy?

Is this a Poisson d'Avril? (French for April Fool) No, it is the weather vane above Old Billinsgate Market building, just along the path from yesterdays shot. I remember it being turned into offices. I heard a story that it took months of fumegating to get rid of the smell from where the fish had been stored. I believe it.

Still away, posting continues as if by magic.

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Comments on "Something Fishy?"


Blogger lynn said ... (22:59) : 

Wow i'm really intrigued by the magic show that is Ham!

Yes it must have stank. In fact, i'm not sure i believe it ever went. How could it have done? Ugh.


Anonymous Lachezar said ... (02:20) : 

I trust you on this one!
Once we rented house previously inhabited by an Indian family. It took long time and effort to get the curry smell disappear, and it never really did...

and, I like the fish on your photo anyway!



Anonymous NiC said ... (10:12) : 

Lovely fish.


Anonymous Helen said ... (13:19) : 

More than months, Ham. I remember going past it a couple of years after the market had closed down and there was a distinct whiff of eau de poisson in the air around the building.


Blogger Olive said ... (13:49) : 

Somehow fish smell never goes away... When I go to the Fish Market in Seattle, I smell fish on myself for a month (part of it may be my own imagination though)!!


Blogger John Nez said ... (14:54) : 

I never understood how fish can have such a powerful smell... but at the same time have such a relatively weak flavor.

Doesn't seem logical...

Great photo!


Blogger lynn said ... (15:28) : 

That's a good point John. Never thought of that.


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