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Sunday, May 06, 2007

'ello 'ello 'ello

There aren't many of these Police phone boxes left. All they contain is a phone which connected you to the nearest police station. The irony is, this is in Grosvenor Square, the one place in London all you need to do to find twenty policemen on top of you is sneeze in a suspicious manner. (The American Embassy is here)

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Blogger Kate said ... (06:42) : 

A brilliant shade of blue! Does the proximity of the American Embassy have anything to do with the activity you describe, she asked innocently?


Anonymous NiC said ... (09:40) : 

Somehow that one would have made an even beter TARDIS, wouldn't it? I'd like to see people fold themselves up to get in then find loads of room inside.

No? Just me then.

Nice shot.


Blogger lynn said ... (10:14) : 

No me too Nic. Maybe the Doctor is reading this and it could be a spin-off tardis. Great.


Blogger Sally said ... (10:58) : 

LOL! The new sexier Doctors need a "new" sexier tardis....this fits the bill perfectly!


Blogger Angel said ... (12:24) : 

Is it bigger on the inside?? I hope NOT! Can get even closer to David Tennant in that one...


Blogger Z said ... (13:16) : 

I chuckled upon reading your write-up today. I'm still not used to the tag. Like you care. Hrmph!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:42) : 

A neat narrative amid a hardly suspicious phone box. I used to see police, in movies, stopping to call in official business. It looks like this one is considerably more modern. Can anyone use them. For example in emergencies.


Blogger Chris Marsh said ... (14:29) : 

I can see I'm not the first person to see this & think "Tardis" - maybe it'll end up in a theme 'British' pub over here in the US.


Blogger Ryan said ... (18:44) : 

I just returned to Portland from a week holiday to London, and saw another one of these around Piccadilly Circus (very near the Virgin Megastore, to be precise). I spotted it right off, for although it's very narrow, I'm a big Doctor Who fan, so it caught my eye almost immediately. :)


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