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Friday, May 04, 2007

Just Married

When a man opens the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife.
- Prince Philip

I would love to tell you more about this photo, but only the photographer spoke english - at least, enough to say yes, I could take a photo and post in on my site.

I came across this elegant couple of newlyweds on Sunday, just outside the Central Hall Westminster, next to Westminster Abbey, just here. I was left to speculate - did they marry in Westminster Cathedral? Japan? Hornsey? I could see no other guests. It will have to remain an enigma - as much an enigma as what covering her husband's eyes is all about. She is so pretty, and the clothes so perfect, I thought it was a fashion shoot at first. But maybe that's what people who marry in Westminster Cathedral look like.

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Blogger lynn said ... (00:31) : 

Oh i'm sure it is, Ham. No beery speeches and the bride's father chasing the bridesmaids there. Then again... probably. Definitely no trendy reception held in the local chippie though. Then again... perhaps. Westminster Cathedral well what a venue and how beautiful the bride is, you're right. Maybe someone EVEN more beautiful went by and she felt the need to cover her new hubby's eyes?


Blogger Olive said ... (04:19) : 

Really great shot. Weddings... how do people do it? Commit to spend the REST of your life with that person. Just crazy for a 20 year-old to think about...
Wish them the best of luck. If I could choose anywhere in the world to get married, this would be it.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:23) : 

Lovely shot..and I shall be wondering all day (well , a while anyway) about what that covering the eyes thing is all about.


Blogger Angel said ... (21:30) : 

Is he wearing a crevat (sp?)? Fantastic! (In a Dr Who accent of course). They look lovely, so delicate.


Blogger Bystander said ... (22:23) : 

I have noticed Chinese brides and grooms outside Westminster Abbey before and actually asked the driver of a long, pale blue limo which was waiting for one couple what the story was. It is, apparently, a favourite place to have a picture taken on the way to the reception, being the most prestigious church in London in their eyes. Having a photo taken there is supposed to bring good luck.


Blogger lynn said ... (23:37) : 

How can we find out about the covering of the eyes? It's killing me.
Missed the Prince Phillip quote first time around. Classic.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:00) : 

Angel - it's an inscrutable oriental version of a cravat. Either that or he ran through pub curtains on the way and some got stuck in his shirt.

Bystander - thanks for that, explains why nobody else was around.

I think the eyes thing was the photographer being inscrutable and artistic.


Blogger Chad Oneil said ... (03:57) : 

I found your blog by searching for other photo blogs.

Cool shot.


Blogger Sally said ... (11:00) : 

Here in Australia there are lots of Japanese weddings as well. I understand that it's actually a "recommitment" ceremony much of the time; the real (civil) wedding takes place back home, and then the fantasy western white wedding "experience" occurs with the backdrop of famous sites - eg a Gold Coast beach in the case of Australia.


Blogger Chris Marsh said ... (14:30) : 

Classic Prince Phillip quote - what a character.


Blogger Charles Frith said ... (14:12) : 

Looks like wedding tourism. They go on honeymoon and then do a shoot at their dream destination. Makes sense for photography mad cultures.


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