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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wedding Bells are going to Chime

Walking past a dry cleaners in Walton Street, I saw this dress and thought it would make a good photo. Look at the detail - all hand made, just don't ask the cost. It also works by way of a good introduction to tomorrow's photo.

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Comments on "Wedding Bells are going to Chime"


Blogger lynn said ... (00:53) : 

Hmm i'm intrigued, Ham... you've got me wondering about tomorrow.

"We're getting married in the morning,
Ding dong the bells are gonna chime,
er blah di blah di blah blah
da di da di da da
Just get me to the church on time"

fill in the blanks, Ham?
Who IS getting married tomorrow then.
Beautiful dress.


Blogger Olive said ... (05:29) : 

this would make a great costume for lord of the rings!
ps. i put a link to your blog on my post today. hope that's ok!


Blogger Mandi said ... (10:00) : 

It is a great dress. But the hands say something else. Is it the Bride of Pinocchio?? ;-)


Blogger Bleeding Orange said ... (11:13) : 

For my part, it reminds me of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.


Anonymous NiC said ... (12:23) : 

I do like that the mannequin carver has included finger nails. It makes it seem so much more alive.


Blogger Kerry-Anne said ... (13:15) : 

Lovely singing voice you have, Lynn. I'm also rather curious about tomorrow's post.

The detail on the dress is really beautiful. Well spotted, especially for a man! :)


Blogger lynn said ... (13:19) : 

I thank you Kerry-Anne. I do love to sing and a London audience is always sooooo responsive.


Anonymous sue said ... (14:14) : 

Lynn - The song goes:-
Pull out the stopper
Let's have a whopper


Blogger Kerry-Anne said ... (15:11) : 

And Sue joins in with her sweet soprano on the middle lines - you two should really consider getting a regular gig... it's luvverly.


Blogger lynn said ... (16:19) : 

How about it Sue?


Blogger The Salems said ... (16:49) : 

must be pinnocio's future to be


Blogger lv2scpbk said ... (17:00) : 

Nice dress but when I first seen the photo, all I seen was the hands.


Blogger Ham said ... (17:07) : 

Lynn - I don't know who's getting married in the morning, but that doesn't stop the picture

Olive - sounds like you know more about Gandalf and Bilbo than I think I want to hear

Mandi, The Salems - there's a bad joke somewhere here about the bride telling Pinnochio to lie on the wedding night.

Bleeding Orange - I had to check what you are talking about but you're right

Nic - well articulated (too)

Kerry-Anne - maybe better still as a straight man ;-)

Sue - you've got the Cheltenham Rugby Club version there

And girls.... in HARMONY, please


Blogger Olive said ... (19:54) : 

Well the past-time activities of Gandalf and Bilbo are really interesting...
Although I was talking about Arwen (in the epilogue). I can see her wondering the woods in that dress. It has a mystical yet sad look to it.

Can you please post tomorrow's already!! Curiousity is killing me (like it did the cat).


Blogger lynn said ... (20:37) : 

he he Cheltenham rugby club for sure. Tewkesbury perhaps. Now there's a story.... sorry i've had a glass of wine.


Blogger les maudites said ... (13:25) : 

Lovely shot. I like these hands. a kind of Tim Burton...


Blogger Chad Oneil said ... (03:57) : 

This is kind of disturbing at first! Good one.


Anonymous Alex said ... (18:29) : 

Just saw this on my RSS feed; super pic, as chad says, kind of creepy and a really observant shot!


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