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Thursday, May 17, 2007

You can check out any time you like.....

....but you can never leave.

Welcome to the Hotel Chocolat. I know I teased everyone with the idea of chocolate a couple of days ago - this is the real thing. This hotel chain has shops around the country - including Nottingham - with several in London. I can assure you it tastes as good as it looks.

See the location on the new London Daily Photo Google Map - I'll try to keep it updated each day.

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Comments on "You can check out any time you like....."


Blogger lynn said ... (01:23) : 

Oooooh noooooo Ham! In fact yesssss Hammmmmm. This looks so delicious i want to go there now. I'm sending my chocoholic friend Monica over here immediately.


Blogger Monica said ... (02:32) : 

Lynn, you did good. I'm so glad I'm here now!!! If only I could put my hands on one of those...


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:17) : 

Hmmm...and I'm going to be in central London later. Might have to make a slight detour.

Excellent to have the google map link....must look at that myself.


Blogger jonemo said ... (12:07) : 

Oh noooo! Someone stole my idea with the map links for the pictures! Well, that's life... I'm too busy to even blog pictures these days so someone else might as well drive the innovation ;)


Blogger Martel said ... (12:09) : 

Hello, I present my blog photographs to you on a small city : Martel. in the Quercy (the black perigord in France), the area of the foie gras and the omelette to boletus.

mon blog of photographs on the town of Martel.


Anonymous Maja said ... (12:11) : 

I'm sorry, Ham. For me this is a less exciting side of London. I just received a selection of the latest creations by Lindt & Spr√ľngli...


Anonymous calypso said ... (12:58) : 

It's a mouthwatering shot Ham. I'll be down there asap. I hope you are getting a free supply for life for your excellent plug!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (15:41) : 

Perhaps that could be a future topic for the first of the month. We all take a photo of our local ?? Such as Subway. To see how different/the same they are the world over.


Blogger lynn said ... (00:15) : 

Today i have been mostly eating a Double Decker AND a Mars Bar ... and i hold you responsible, Ham. Eek.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:48) : 

Lynn, that's OK, it probably was my fault - most things are.

Nic - all I took away was the free sample (inside me)

jonemo - I don't hold the copyright!

maja - ah yes, I could nevevr forget.

calypso - I wish :-( I got a small free sample, same as everyone

Gails man - they are all frighteningly similar....


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