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Monday, June 04, 2007

Do you need a screw?

For more years than I can remember Clerkenwell Screws has been in .... Clerkenwell Road. Behind a small unassuming door close to the west end, you can get just about any fixing you can think of, and a large number you probably never want to.

See where: London Daily Photo Map

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Blogger CaBaCuRl said ... (01:09) : 

These little niche shops in London amaze me.


Blogger Janet said ... (09:17) : 

Oh, how interesting -- you've picked one of my favorite shops in London!

Just dropped by this morning. Great photos of a wonderful city!



Anonymous Jane in the USA said ... (13:58) : 

What a wonderful site-feel like I'm visiting and seeing a city I've never actually been to! Great photos and comments-your sense of humor comes out in both-smiles! A friend, Peter directed me here-said you would know who he was if I gave his name!


Blogger John Nez said ... (02:24) : 

Yep... there it nothin'... nothing quite as satisfying as an in depth hardware store!

A truly excellent hardware store will have at least 20 years of past inventory... including obsolete hinges, swivels, slides, connectors, grates, levers... and generally enough stuff to keep Leonardo occupied for hours on end.

Add in a vintage collection of recycled door fixtures, plumbing parts and whatnot and there's no other store like it.

We have one like that here in Seattle... by the name of Hardwick's. And when it's gone, it'll never be replaced... more's the pity.


Blogger Gerald England said ... (12:15) : 

O this reminds me of a song by Richard Stillgoe first heard years ago on Esther Rantzen's "That's Life"

"they come in little plastic packs,
in groups of five or ten,
I haven't seen them singly
since I can't remember when"

It'll be in my head for the rest of the day now!


Anonymous Andy said ... (10:15) : 

Clerkenwell screws were my savior when I needed so nuts to hold on the legs for a dinning room table I bought at a junk shop. Turns out that they were British Standard Whitworth (BSW) Thread!


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