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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Millionaires Row

Shot with Olympus E500
What do you get if you mix up money, good taste and your average human in the wrong proportions? Millionaire's Row - Bishops Avenue is the answer. You are looking at what has been listed as the second most expensive house in the UK in 2006 - £50,000,000 is the price tag.. And in this street, this house isn't the grandest. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

See where: London Daily Photo Map (This link should take you to a zoomed satellite view of the place. £50,000,000. )

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Comments on "Millionaires Row"


Blogger Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said ... (04:57) : 

And I was amazed at the asking price for a couple of Beaux-Arts townhouses (U$S 15 million each) in Boston. I think the word crazy doesn't quite describe this type of thing anymore.


Blogger junD said ... (07:31) : 

i agreed with u guys..its happen in my country as well...


Anonymous Helen said ... (10:26) : 

But you get to the end of Bishops Avenue to East Finchley and you get council houses and other not so expensive dwellings with allottments further down. That's what makes London such a great place to live in.


Blogger John Nez said ... (18:14) : 

What a dinky yard! It's gratifying to see his neighbors are close enough that their dogs can still irritate the owner of London's most expensive house.

Basically the whole frickin' world seems to be turning into a place where ordinary people can't buy their own house anymore. The rich get richer and the poor get shafted.

Time to change the tax laws on investment properties.


Anonymous Helen said ... (09:41) : 

Oh well, lots of taxes need to be cut. Stamp duty on property is crying out for abolition. That alone will enable many more people to buy property. I assume that is what you meant and not raising taxes to shaft anyone who is richer than you and is therefore a subject of envy. Oh and another thing: in Britain certainly we need a major reform of planning laws.


Blogger Ham said ... (10:10) : 

No easy answer, but I believe the single most influential factor on housing market is inherited wealth, rather than income. How else can you explain the way that average prices outstrip average earnings more and more? That means the problem is intractable. A more progressive (as opposed to regressive) tax regime might help, but I doubt it.


Blogger motherofthebride said ... (12:31) : 

Odd not see builders' vans parked outside - every time I drive down Bishops Ave it feels like a giant building site.


Blogger Ann said ... (06:38) : 

yeah...makes me wonder what's INSIDE that house that's worth £50,000,000!


Blogger Quink said ... (14:42) : 

What a hideous building. Give me a roomy terraced house any day.


Anonymous bri_fari said ... (23:58) : 

50 million pounds in marin county california could barely buy a porta potty with an obstructed view of mt tamalpais. thanks george lucas for that.


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