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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Boy with dolphin

Shot with Olympus E500
Just by the north side of Albert Bridge, you can see this charming statue of a boy with a dolphin by David Wynne. It's been there since 1975, and the model was his ten year old son. The biggest shock to me was a few years ago, when I saw a plaque had been added, in memory of his son who died in 1999.

There's another David Wynne child and dolphin sculpture in London - I'm sure some of you know where it is.

See where: London Daily Photo Map

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Blogger scouter573 said ... (04:19) : 

I take a lot of photos. I even like to think I take a few worth looking at. But - doggone it! - this is an example of why I like your photos so much better. I think inside the box - nice and rectangular - but you really see what you photograph and you capture it in such an interesting way. My photo of this boy and dolphin would have been so much less interesting. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous NiC said ... (07:51) : 

Not seen this one before...but yes, sir, me sir, I know where the other one is. By Tower Bridge, sir...and that one's with a girl.


Blogger Ham said ... (10:11) : 

Andy, thanks for that, curiously this was a particular challenge; I always try to convey what I see, but don't always succeed. I'd like to think that my images are "accessible" and draw you in, as compared to a lot of (excellent) photo sites where the images are often sharp and brilliant, but somehow leave you outside looking in.

Nic - four house points! And you almost certainly will have seen this one, but not noticed it ;-)


Anonymous Helen said ... (10:31) : 

I've seen the Boy and the Dolphin before but managed to miss the plaque. Thank you for pointing it out. How terrible.


Blogger Ackworth Born said ... (14:53) : 

Such a lovely sculpture


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:12) : 

This is a wonderful statue. I have a number of photos of it on my profile in the 'Statue' album

Would welcome comments. How can I place my photos on this site as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:14) : 

I’ve seen the sculpture before and it really is beautiful, thank you for the information regarding the sculpture I was also unaware of the plaque.

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